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  • Soap Opera Uncensored: Issue 21 on March 11, 2012
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    Nelson, The quality of your GH criticism is gone now that Carlivati is writing and you've lost your objectivity as well as your hard boiled skepticism. Sri Rao providing a critique when clearly he is a hugely slanted fanboy of ABC who aired his own alternative-fantasy version of GH does not do viewers any favors. The fact is that Carlivati's Robin death and fallout s/l with Anna, Patrick, Mac and Robert has been widely panned by every fanbase you can think of on message boards and social media including some who are not even fans of Robin & normally wouldn’t care. (Yes, I know technically he can blame it all on Wolf) The same goes for the Ethan paternity s/l which rests squarely on their shoulders. Valentini and especially Carlivati cannot save GH if they are going to destroy GH's history, mischaracterize and misuse the vets. Anyone who suggests otherwise is thinking backwards. It's a sad day when vets are brought back on board just to be misused (Robert and Holly Scorpio so far) and sent away. Even sadder that an indie reporter such as you cannot call them on it. The only good that has come out of this is that GH fans of all stripes are uniting for the first time in many years. To add salt to their wounds, they are seeing the Robin s/l and vets pushed aside for another Sonny s/l with OLTL characters who have been signed to long contracts with the show. All you can muster is a derogatory tone toward Nathan Parsons who seemingly has made a wise decision to leave when his first long term, front burner s/l is being killed prematurely and the new writer can't seem to figure out who his daddy should be. Duh, it's only the most panned s/l by critics in 2009. Give the GH fans what they want Carlivati. It's that simple. No need to run us in circles when our soap has been decimated to the ground for the past 10 years. Unfortunately, Carlivati is ruining any chances of fixing what damage has been done to vet characters and GH history by adding to the destruction. Get him in check Valentini! Don't wait until he destroys Anna Devane & other vet returns as well. Or bring him some help from writers who have classic 80s writing sensibilities. Nelson, if you list Anna and Patrick as a dream couple again in your online mag, I am going to cancel my subscription. No one wants to hear this after Robin dies. It's blatantly cruel to the GH fanbase. Who needs vacuous reporting? What we want is substance. Give it to us. Since you have no empathy for GH fans, try imagining Vicki only able to visit LLanview during the last 12 years of show and when she does, all she does is prop the younger characters. Then when the new writer is hired, she is brought back for 7 episodes, mischaracterized and dumped just as quickly while show runners hire stars on contract from recently canceled shows for their new stars. How does that nightmare scenario work for ya? Please get out your investigative reporter hat and look into the Robert return. There are many questions that fans have. Was it extensively rewritten after TR agreed to it? Was there originally no bridge scene? Was there a different ending to the Ethan paternity? Was there an important scene left out (or more than one particularly with NP and/or ES)? Was TR booked for a longer return at first and what happened to that? Who wrote the worst of the dialogue and who dictated how long TR would be able to stay? Do this for the lapsed fans who have been sent a clear signal that Cartini care nothing about GH and aren’t much different than their predecessors. It is necessary to save the show.