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I am a happily married mom that loves to read. I am apart of a book club on FB named Wanda's Amazing Amazon Reviewers in which we speak directly to the authors and receive copies of their books in return of an honest review.

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  • The Conduit on July 23, 2012
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    I have received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I'd like to start by saying I throroughly enjoyed this book. I dare say I could see a bit of myself in the main character of this wonderful story as I'm sure many other readers could as well. Celeste is an average every day young woman that only wants to go to college and fulfill her life's dream of becoming an art teacher. She is also a middle child of two other siblings, Gabe and Kendall, that she feels have a much better chance at life goals than she does. She feels a bit left out at times due to Gabe, her older brother, being the football star and Kendall, her younger sister, being a beautiful cheerleader, actress and all together perfect in every way including looks. They have all suffered from the loss of their father which turns their life around completely. Gabe, loses his football scholarship, Kendall takes a break from acting and cheering and Celeste drops out of art school all to help take care of things after their tragedy. After several home break-ins their mother sends them to live with their sassy and hip grandmother in a small town in Tennessee. This is not their idea of living, but they make the best of it while their mother sells the house back home and moves to Tennessee with them. While there a few unexpected things happen, like finding out you are the 'chosen one' to help save the world from some nasty evil character that wants to kill you so he can take over. Yep, lots of fun things make this book extremely funny, exciting and hard to put down. So, before you read it grab your popcorn, nachos and soda and get ready for a thrilling ride. Embrace (The Gryphon Series)
  • Afterlife on Aug. 08, 2012

    I recieved this book from the author in return of an honest review. I would like to begin by saying this wasn't at all what I expected it to was much better. The plot itself was wonderful with a historical setting full of villiages, horse drawn carriages, forests and cabins. I loved the the whimsiness of the main character, Angelica. She was quick, fiery and full of spirit. It wasn't the normal vampire romance that you would expect. It had a youthfulness about it playing through the vampire, Angelica, and her friend, William, that just so happens to be a newly turned ghost. Angelica teaches William the ropes of the ghost world, but in the end it is William that Angelica depends upon. Although she has her faithful companion and protector, Michael (also a vampire), William becomes her closest friend. This story is a MUST READ and gives you just enough to get you hooked on 'The Dark Gifts' series. Job well done, Willow Cross.