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I enjoy crafts, reading and studying the bible. I listen to Christian music while cleaning house. I have a wonderful husband and a cute and loveable dog named Charlie. He's my Service dog. God has truly blessed me with good friends, good family, great husband and a wonderful dog. What more can a person ask for?

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What do your fans mean to you?
Everything. They are the backbone to a Authors success.
What are you working on next?
I haven't decided yet.
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Smashwords book reviews by Kelly Carpo

  • Mission Possible (Revised 2015) on April 17, 2013

    I couldn't believe how this book fit into my life as if it were writen just for me. I learned a very valuable lesson about myself reading "Mission Possible". I was trying to do God's job for him instead of having faith and patients that he would bring my husband to him when it is time. I apologized to my husband for my short sightedness and told him I know he believes in God and that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, the rest is now up to God. I will pray and wait for God's will to be done, not mine. If you are having problems in your marrage because you have found what you need in the Lord but don't think your husband has, you really need to read this book. I know now why people call devout Christian's "Bible Thumpers" because I was one. I was constantly throwing the words of God in his face even to the point of threatening to leave because I felt he was being driven by the devil. I needed this book to bring me off my high horse. Who am I that I should judge my husband about what he believes. It's not my place to tell him what and how he should act when he believes in God. I love my husband and I love God, that should be enough for me to have faith and it is. So I will "Let Go, Let God". I will look to the beam in my own eye before I try to remove the speck in anyone elses eye. And the devil better watch out because I intend to fight for what I love.
  • The Baron's Ring on April 21, 2013

    This is a great book. It has action,adventure,love, God,deception and so much more. I enjoyed it because it was a page turner, made me feel good knowing others were being kind to a stranger. I learned some things from it as well. The characters were very discriptive so you could see them in your minds eye. I felt as if I were there. A very believeable story and good humor, too. Good job Mary.
  • The Complete Armor of God on May 14, 2013

    Wow! What a powerful little book. I feel as if I could stand up with the best of them in Gods Armor and defend against the devil and all his minions. This is a must read book. They say "big things come in small packages" well this is one of them. I will be posting all the different parts of the Armor of God on my wall to remind me not to forget it each morning when I wake up. I will use it to defend my family and any one else the devil decides to intimidate or harm.
  • Redeeming Reputation on May 15, 2013

    I can't say enough about how good this book is. I told George I haven't read a western in a long time but I think that's about to change. This is the best western I have ever read. I think George McVey will be giving Louis Lamore a run for his money. It has God, action, love, devotion, humor, friendships, and so much more. I felt like I was right there with everyone else. I felt part of the family feeling. I started it this morning and I'm ready to read another one. I just couldn't put it down. I hate it when good books like this have to end. Makes you just wish they would go on forever. I didn't know there were any Christian Westerns. I'll be keeping a look out now for more. You can't go wrong with this book. Good job George, don't stop writing. You have a hit here. I would love to see this as a movie. They just don't make westerns like this any more.
  • The Last Supper: John on Jan. 02, 2015

    What a wonderful book. I've read all of Scott's books and this one will stay with me for many years as it is so heart warming. I feel as if I am standing there with John listening and feeling the love of Jesus. I didn't want it to end. It brought the bible to life in a way I never felt before. A closeness to Jesus so much deeper then I thought possible. Thank you Scott.
  • "Getting Unstuck, Moving Beyond What's Holding You Back" on Jan. 05, 2015

    I think this is one of my favorite books of Lilliet's. It covers so many of the things I've had questions about. Also, I realized some things about myself. I have two problems I've always blamed them on my being a Taurus but that was just an excuse not to face them. I have committed the sin of wanting possessions over what the Lord wanted, which my devotion and obedience. The other is my anger. If someone vocally attacks me for anything I feel the need to attack back, even if they are right. This book has shown me that I need to work on these things and ask God's forgiveness and help in solving these problems. Only he can do that. If you have problems that are holding you back from being close to your Father God you will want to read this book. Thank you Lilliet for your help. You are a true treasure.