Joe Mudak


You know it's a guilty pleasure. It starts out innocently enough, of course. An interest. A curiosity, if you would. But it definitely is enough to get you to explore it more and in greater detail. But that's not enough. You can feel your heart racing, your breath growing short.

You want to find out more.

You need to find out more.

You need to explore the twisted mind that you know as Joe Mudak. Who is he? What is this all about? Where will it all end? You know it's wrong but it feels so right, so passionate, so sensual, so ... needful. Now that the beast within you has been uncaged, the only thing you can do is feed it, and feed it you shall...

Exposed to mind-altering cartoons, movies, and books as a child, Joe Mudak grew up with a hidden shadow personality that schemed to show the world the joys of reading erotica and now, you can see for yourself the results of those schemes.

Let Joe Mudak into your mind; you won't regret it....

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Smashwords book reviews by Joe Mudak

  • Becoming the Horny Librarian (Bimbo, Transformation) on May 06, 2013

    One week. That's all it takes for Daisy to be transformed from a shy girl with relatively low self-esteem (and quite possibly an eating disorder) into a confident, sexy girl who not only thinks she can do whatever she wants, but she knows she can. She even says so herself: being a sexy librarian is as much an attitude as anything. The transformation is hot, fun to follow, and all around great ride (in more ways than one.) Now if only someone would tell me where that library is...
  • Toothy on May 08, 2013

    This story is a must read if you appreciate vampire stories or sexy stories where the sexiness is derived from a slow mental takeover. Holly is a young, recently-turned vampire who has a lot to learn about herself in her new, unliving life. When she finds Joshua, she learns what kinds of powers she has. She just needs to get past Joshua's friends first. Strongly recommended.
  • Bimbo Bed Sheets (Bimbo, Transformation, Mind Control) on May 17, 2013

    They say that the way to boil a frog isn't to drop the frog into boiling water; it'll hop right out. Instead, put it in room temperature water and then slowly raise the heat in the water. That frog metaphor holds up quite nicely with this little tale of a girl who, due to tight finances (among other things) takes on a second job at a mattress store. It's when her new boss gives her some new silky smooth bedsheets, that the heat really starts to pick up. A very good read if you like bimbo and transformation stories.
  • The Demon's Gift on May 18, 2013

    Mark makes a deal with a demon to help him become more attractive to the girls he has secretly lusted after. And he gets what he asked for. The big question, though, is does he know what he's really asking for? Very hot and fun, a good quick read.
  • Testing: The Math Sluts (Mind Control, Public Sex) on May 23, 2013

    Abby is a fairly typical college student: she's simultaneously worried about the social life and about whether or not she's prepared for her next exam. All right, maybe she should've studied more for this math test, but when she gets there, she finds that the questions are ... completely in line with her partying ways. And they seem to be having an impact on her, all the same. This story is nice and hot, as the exam questions have a stronger and stronger impact on Abby herself. And when she sends copies of the questions to her roommate, both girls find themselves enraptured. If you like transformation with a little bit of mystery as to the why and how, this story's for you!
  • True Love for the Holy Prophet on June 04, 2013

    While some credit must be given to the imam for his arguments against reacting violently to slights against Islam and/or its prophet, he still fails to recognize that (a) drawing attention to the film in question would only inflame passions he would prefer not to see inflamed, or that (b) he is requesting special treatment that no other entity is either entitled to or deserves. We are free to criticize people, their works, and their governments, but for some inexplicable reason, the imam argues, religion is above reproach and ought not be criticized. Blasphemy is a victimless crime and blasphemy laws do little more than inflate the importance of religion in a society that, frankly, has no need for the burdens placed upon it by those religions. The sooner we move away from blasphemy and towards free speech -- even offensive speech -- the better we will all be. This is true without regard to the gods or religions being blasphemed.
  • One Hour Sluts (Bro/Sis, Multiple Partners) on July 06, 2013

    Wow! This story is hot and sweet. Some kind of disease breaks out; it spreads quickly: if you come in contact with someone who's been infected, it's only a matter of time before you catch it too. And, of course, getting sick has never been so ... pleasurable. This story is smokin' hot, steamy, and definitely worth it if you're into quick transformations and having sex just for the sake of having sex without really thinking about what you're doing or why...
  • Willing Subject on Dec. 29, 2013

    One of the most versatile aspects of the mind control sub-genre of erotica is the very fact that the person subjected to mind control may not be fully aware of their actions while being controlled. This transcends gender and sexual orientation; the biggest wild-card of this aspect is whether or not the subject actually wanted to be controlled before the control began. In the case of this excellently written story, Missy clearly wanted to be controlled and her body responded to the very potential for control before she even went on stage at whaty purports to be the most amazing stage hypnosis show ever. Without giving too much away about this scorching-hot narrative, the real intrigue comes in the aftermath of the show itself. Missy becomes enthralled by the Black Pearl and the powers she has over those she has hypnotized. Will she completely lose herself and her identity, or will she retain her individuality and her very self? Regardless, is that what she really wants? Read this book to find out?
  • First Wish on June 12, 2014

    Melanie frees a genie from his prison of a lamp and in response, he offers her one wish. This story takes a different spin on the "be careful what you wish for" motif, in that Melanie really didn't know or understand what she wanted, but she came to realize it in due time. And, thankfully, the genie apparently has a satisfaction guaranteed policy, so she had the opportunity to "return" the spoils of her wishes until she actually got what she wanted. This is a fun and kind-of sweet story of self realization and sexual awakening. While I don't want to reveal the ending, it was kind of surprising all the same in this fresh take on the wish-granting genie motif.