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  • Rory's Mate Book Two: The Vampire Coalition on March 11, 2013
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    Callie is the BF of Brianna the heroine from the first book in this series ETHAN'S MATE (Book One: The Vampire Coalition). Due to her friendship with Brianna, Callie is acquainted with the Hale brothers. But she is attracted to Rory, he's not just tall and gorgeous, he's sweet and kind as well. Of course she doesn't know that all the Hale brothers are vampires. Callie is a chef and the brothers being massive food lovers she loves cooking for them. Callie realises that even though she's attracted to Rory, he only sees her as a friend. That is until she burns her hand preparing food at a BBQ. When Rory takes her hand to see how badly she has hurt herself, is when he realises that Callie is his mate. With every possessive and dominant instinct coming to life within him, he frightens poor Callie who has no idea what is happening. I am enjoying this series very much, and this story is no exception. I liked Rory he seems the most emotionally available of his brothers, yes he is the sexy dominant vampire, but he does it with just a touch of vulnerability. Hot and sexy, a great read.
  • Nathan's Mate (Book Three: The Vampire Coalition) on March 11, 2013

    Nathan is over six hundred years old, and is the oldest of the Hale brothers. Now that Ethan and Rory have found their mates, Nathan's sense of loneliness is intense. But he hides it well. He's an elder, and at the helm of the vampire coalition. Fighting the "fallen". Vampires who have succumbed to bloodlust. That's where his future lies, he has decided to put all thoughts of finding his mate from his mind. While out patrolling he comes across two fallen attacking a young women. Killing both of them he picks up the woman and immediately realises she's a "Mage" not immortal like him, but not human either. So there's no way he can taker her to a hospital. Returning with her to his home he calls his brother Liam, who is a vampire healer. After removing her clothing, Nathan sees she's has his mark on her. This woman is his mate. This is another great addition to the series. With a slight difference, this time instead of a human woman, Sasha is a Mage a race that uses magic. As usual we have a sexy domineering vampire, with hot and heavy sex scenes.
  • Liam's Mate: (Book Four: The Vampire Coalition) on March 11, 2013

    Liam Hale is a vampire healer, he doesn't expect to find his mate. No vampire healer has mated for centuries. His older brother Nathan is now mated to Sasha Taylor. Sasha is a Mage. They are not immortal like vampires but they live longer than humans. Sasha's sister Regan has become friends with Liam. But she has a secret, she knows she is his mate. But for reasons to do with her family she can't tell him. Liam has a secret as well, one that he has kept from his brothers. But when he discovers Regan's deception he's furious. Another hot and sexy read from this author. I love her male leads domineering and sexy, with a soft centre. Liam is no exception. Regan is his perfect match. A thoroughly enjoyable read.
  • Daric's Mate (Book Five: The Vampire Coalition) on March 11, 2013

    Prince Daric Carvillius is a twelve hundred year old vampire healer, the most powerful being on earth. He had long ago given up the idea of finding his destined mate. He's not even sure he would want to, he has spent so long alone. At home Daric is hungry, the fact that he hasn't taken blood for a while, when he knows he should, but he finds the act distasteful. He decides to try an appease his desire for blood by ordering food from the pizza place in town. Hannah Temple has recently returned home after she had an accident which left her with a limp, then she was dumped by her boyfriend. Her father who owned and ran the pizza shop, had died after suffering a heart attack. Now their best customer Daric Carvillius is on the phone wanting an order delivered, despite the bad storm Hannah cannot afford to lose her best customer. So she makes the delivery herself, but she crashes the car. Luckily for her Daric has come to the rescue. But he is weaker due to not having taken blood. As Hannah is unconscious he makes the decision to take Hannah's blood in order to regain his strength to heal her. But the minute he does, he realises she's his destined mate. I have loved this series, and this story completes it perfectly. Once again a really detailed packed tale, that is hot and sexy. With fabulous characters that are easy to like.