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Able Interviewer: So, Gillian, you’re a character.

Gillian Will: That’s what people say.

AI: I mean, a real character.

Gillian: You’re making me blush.

AI: No, a character like not a real person.

Gillian: Now you’re hurting my feelings.

AI: Do characters have feelings?

Gillian: Wouldn’t you?

AI: I don’t know … I never thought about it.

Gillian: Well, my author definitely wrote me to have feelings. I can’t imagine what’s wrong with yours.

AI: My feelings or my author?

Gillian: Your author, of course.

AI: I am not a character!

Gillian: So you say.

AI: Are you really a man or a woman?

Gillian: What are you, some kind of North Carolina restroom cop?

AI: I should have seen that coming.

Gillian: Sorry, but I forgot to bring my birth certificate.

AI: And we were finally starting to get somewhere. So … why did your author feel he or she had to create a character to write The State of Wyoming?

Gillian: We need to invent a new third person pronoun here.

AI: We do?

Gillian: A gender neutral one. Instead of ‘he or she.’

AI: Okay.

Gillian: ‘Xe.’ Actually, someone already invented it.

AI: I hate it when that happens. Okay … why did your author feel xe had to create a character to write The State of Wyoming?

Gillian: I thought you’d never ask. It’s kind of pathetic, really. My author wants to publish in a different genre, to publish traditionally, some kind of validation thing. It’s like xe needs someone else to tell xem xe is good before xe can believe it.

AI: Xem?

Gillian: Objective case.

AI: And this relates to creating your character how?

Gillian: Well, you have to understand that xe’s kind of paranoid, too--xe thinks that if Wyoming doesn’t sell well it could hurt xers chances for a traditional contract.

AI: Xers would be the possessive case.

Gillian: You’re not as dumb as you look.

AI: So your author doesn’t expect Wyoming to sell well?

Gillian: Plan for success but prepare for failure.

AI: What does that even mean?

Gillian: Beats me. It’s what people say.

AI: I’m afraid to ask, but who says?

Gillian: Someone must have said it. Google it if you must. ‘There’s nothing new under the sun.’

AI: Well, the format of Wyoming seems pretty new to me. A serial novel that reads like a TV show.

Gillian: Thanks.

AI: How did you get the idea for that?

Gillian: From a news item, about President Obama making a western states speaking tour. The schedule they handed out to reporters showed a speech in Colorado, but the state highlighted on the map was Wyoming.

AI: That’s pretty funny.

Gillian: I thought so. Then I wondered how they would fix it to vet things like that when the Executive Branch has no organizational structure by state. So create one: the Fifty States Program, one job per state. They’d turn into patronage jobs for millennial slackers of course, but what if one of the slackers was actually the scion of a famous political family? It sounded like a sitcom.

AI: What’s the hardest part about the format?

Gillian: My author likes to write character thoughts, but TV doesn’t have those. It’s a discipline thing.

AI: We’re not going there. I take it your personal politics leans left?

Gillian: Let’s just say I turned Donald Trump into a character. He’s in Episodes 7-9.

AI: What do you do when you’re not writing?

Gillian: Whatsamatter? Can’t get a date?

AI: I’m the one asking the questions.

Gillian: Is that so?

AI: I mean, you’re married, right?

Gillian: To an incredible guy we call ‘the Hubster.’

AI: And two little girls?

Gillian: Both still in diapers. Nappies, if you prefer.

AI: When do you have time to write?

Gillian: My motto is ‘Write when your baby sleeps.’

AI: When do you have time to sleep?

Gillian: I’ll get back to you on that.

AI: So, what can we expect from future episodes?

Gillian: All 13 episodes of Season 1 are now available, so we’ll see if there's interest to renew it for Season 2.

AI: Gillian Will, thank you. It’s been a pleasure.

Gillian: Thank you, Able. And good luck with your whatever.

AI: Gillian Will, author of the political comedy serial The State of Wyoming, 13 episodes available now wherever fine e-readers have signal.

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The State of Wyoming: Episode 1 -- Laramie
Price: Free! Words: 4,370. Language: English. Published: November 27, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » General, Fiction » Cultural & ethnic themes » Cultural interest, general
A book for people who like TV. Thirteen 'episodes' of political situation comedy, starring Elliot Vance, handsome millennial slacker and great-nephew of the former Secretary of State. Each episode takes 20-30 minutes to read. This one is Episode 1.

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