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From a master storyteller now comes a magnificent novel about two unforgettable people who were on board the Titanic. One survived while the other perished. THIS IS THE MOST ORIGINAL NOVEL ABOUT THE TITANIC LOVE STORY.

Writing at the height of his narrative and imaginative gifts, Tony Narams presents a masterpiece full of intriguing passion, hope, romance, the quest for love and the desire to turn back the hands of time—and it is now the newest bestseller!

Narams sweeping novel is set in motion in the year 1912, two weeks after the capsizing of the RMS Titanic ship. We follow the remarkable journeys of rose over the next months, as she strives to build up a life of her own without Jack who perished on board the ship. Dramatically Jack comes to life in the mind of Rose’s eyes as she put in the picture the story shaping her own destiny and forming a complex relationship marked by guilt, passion, wishes and the lasting bond of love.

As the stories build to a riveting climax, we cannot help but learn many beautiful lessons from the narration given by Narams through Rose.
This exquisitely written novel was greatly inspired by the true life time events that occurred in the late 1912 when the Titanic sank. It’s a beautiful masterpiece and a triumph in storytelling in a brand new way.

A Preview (UN-edited)....

In the year 1912, April fourteen at exactly eleven forty past midnight a tragedy occurred. I was there. I remember the day as if it were a few seconds ago. Two thousand two hundred and twenty eight people were on board the ill fated liner, a ship we all whispered to be a god; nothing could have ever gone a miss on it –the ship. Latitude forty one degrees north and forty nine degrees west in the Atlantic Ocean was a ship eight hundred and eighty two feet nine inches cursing with comfort. It was two and a half miles above the sea, all this time basking in glory. A tragedy occurred.
I was to take my bath in one of the only two bathrooms we were to share daily with close to other seven hundred colleagues whom we were with in third class compartment. I had come to be accustomed with this fact in the four days we had been at sea. I dint mind, as I belonged to the class. As I waited patiently for my turn I heard a commotion originating near the bridge, things happened in a flash. People panicked, children screamed, mothers tried to locate their children. Only the sound of the alert and people shouting was all I could take notice of.
I remember one Officer, Murdoch, ordering the engine room to put the engines in reverse. The Titanic did bank left, but it wasn't quite enough. We hit an ice berg. To date, I don’t remember how I was able to reach the bridge. Jack had told me earlier that he was heading there to deliver the Atlantic Daily Bulletin a newspaper printed on board the ship. The titanic had a printing press. All I thought of was Jack the love of my life. In less than thirty seven seconds the course of my life had been completely altered. Life would never be the same.
The scramble for the lifeboats is ....

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