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Miik YS
Latest book: Most of Now.
Published July 1, 2021. (5.00 from 5 reviews)

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  • World of Difference on Oct. 12, 2019

    I liked it a lot. The difference between the everyday humdrum reality with all its pain in the butt things to deal with and the other worlds that had their own issues but were so different made for an interesting read.
  • At Home Among the Dead on Feb. 24, 2021

    It's a different kind of story, and that's refreshing, so that's one reason to recommend it. Another is that it's sort of a story in search of a hero. The two women say as much when they admit neither of them is the hero.
  • Most of Now on July 07, 2021

    I highly recommend Most of Now. I love the rich symbolism and how it relates to my everyday life. Perthyn can't be seen or heard while what's really going on in the town is also hidden beneath the surface. Who hasn't felt invisible at home or work when others ignore our ideas or actions? Ydin literally confronts herself and lives in another person's skin. How many of us need to, and maybe fail to, take a hard look at what's at our core? Derbyn hears a nagging voice and encounters her double, basically herself. We all hear a voice in our head now and then telling us things we may not want to hear. If we compare who we are with who we think or say we are, which one is the stinker? Iver's story is more conventional, so it provides some grounding in how it relates to the readers' lives. We aren't all famous. We set our own courses and find fulfillment in our own ways. I'll be thinking about this story for a long time to come. You will, too.