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1) What is the Silver Key series about?

The series is about a young boy, called Max Moon who finds out he’s next in line to become the super-hero, Silver Key. The series follows Max, his sister Bea and friends Corky and Meredith as they are drawn further into the world of Silver Key.

2) What reading level is it at?

The series is aimed at the eight to ten year old reader, however I’ve found there is general appeal across a wider primary school age group and across genders. There are strong female characters which attract the girls, yet the superhero genre is particularly good for boys.

I think there is still a strong perceived need among teachers, librarians and parents for books that will hook boys into reading at the lower levels. The hero, Max Moon, provides them with humour, excitement and adventure whilst also being a thoughtful and reflective character.

3) Tell us a bit more about yourself?

I grew up in country Victoria and went to Primary School in a very small town called Woolsthorpe. We lived on a farm and some of the setting from the Silver Key series is based on this area.

Our family then moved to Warrnambool where I completed one year at East Warrnambool Primary school and then went off to Brauer College.

I’ve travelled quite a bit. I’ve been a Dance Teacher and I work in the IT industry as well!

My mum’s name is Annette and I have three older brothers, Graham, Anthony and Leon. Leon is that old footballer with the left foot kick who now coaches the GWS Giants AFL club.

4) When did you start writing?

About ten years ago I lived in Scotland and it was here that I began to make up stories about the animals I would see in the countryside (yes, I heard voices in my head…)

5) Where did the inspiration for Silver Key come from?

Five years ago, out of nowhere I recalled a story I had written when I was twelve. The character came flooding back and the plot and setting immediately began to become clearer. I took a week away and worked on the first couple of chapters and that’s how it started!

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