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  • The Dark Side of Disney on Feb. 12, 2012

    Come to the darkside. THE DARKSIDE OF DISNEY is not your ordinary Walt Disney World travel guide. DSoD is a guide to the unexpected cheap, unscrupulous and even down right illegal ways to enjoy a vacation at the happiest place on earth. You don't even need to be planing a trip to WDW to enjoy this fun guide. THE DARKSIDE OF DISNEY is a complete beginning to end guide to alternative vacationing at WDW. From free drinks at airlines to free park tickets from less then reputable time share presentations. Then enter the parks and find great places to have in-park sex and maybe find some illicit narcotics. You may be shocked to find out how easy it is to sneak in to employee only areas of the parks too. This is a great fun read. You don't even need to be planning a trip to the Magic Kingdom anytime soon. If your a Disneyphile and love reading about the not so ordinary things Disney this is right up your alley. The author has personally engaged in many of the recommendations and park adventures. Where he hasn't explored himself he relates amazing tales from realiable sources who have done some unthinkable things. So if your planning a trip to WDW pick this up as a great compendium to your FODORS guide. If you have gone to the park a million times then you also need to pick this up and read some fun and hilarious tales of enjoying the magic in ways you never dreamed possible. At $2.99 this is a deal and a steal!
  • Charactered Pieces: stories on March 15, 2012

    Caleb J Ross just gave me an 'eyegasam' reading his short story collection, CHARACTERED PIECES. His sensual words dances across my vision and stroked my being to full arousal. I can now count myself as part of the minions who heterosexually swoon at the words of Caleb J Ross. Thanks! Charactered Pieces is a small collection of short stories that can best be summed up as examinations of the human condition. Familial relationships are dominant themes in this book and I've heard the term 'Domestic Fiction' or something akin to that used to describe the author's tendencies toward genre. Call it what you will, Ross has a unique way of describing human relationships. That more then anything is what is on display in this collection. Typically I don't comment directly specific content in my reviews but I wish to break the rule here. The story, "An Optimist is the Human Personification of Spring" was moving. I have not had that deep an emotional reaction to a story in quite some time and I certainly can not recall ever being that emotionally vested in a story that short. Brilliant work there among a collection of already top notch writing. I'm very glad I was introduced to Caleb J Ross from a great podcast ( This is not the type of work I would have picked up off a shelf or internet browsing. I'm so very glad I was coaxed to read him though. I absolutely intend to further devour Caleb Ross' writing.
  • Murmurs: Gathered Stories Vol. One on March 28, 2012

    MURMURS is the perfect title of Caleb J. Ross' story collection. These are fairly short bursts of that unique domestic fiction that Ross not only has a penchant for writing but also executes to a level that could earn him the moniker of 'Father of Domestic Fiction'. If another writer tells stories quite like this, I do know know of him or her. Please pardon my ignorance if I am wrong. The stories do indeed echo the sentiment of the book's title. Quick little tales, murmurs, troubling little yarns each with a disturbing little look at relationships. Relationships observed from different perspectives and emotions toyed with in the mind of Ross like a kitten batting at a feather on a stick. While these are not dismal views, the glimmers of hope can only be found by digging deep through the muck. Happiness will not be served on a silver platter. Once again I walk away from another of Caleb Ross' work with an uneasy feeling. When everything looks like it's going to be alright that's when you need to look again. The author is brilliant at looking at a tender moment and peeling away the layers to reveal the disturbing grotesque. We connect with it because under all our facades lies a bit of that same ugliness to some degree or another. The completion of this book represents all the short story collections Caleb Ross currently has published. I must now venture forth into his longer works, STRANGER WILL and I DIDN'T MEAN TO BE KEVIN. Both continue to play in the world of familial relationships. I can not wait to have my emotions unsettled a little bit more.
  • Our Kingdom of Dust on June 11, 2012

    Leonard Kinsey, the scourge of Walt Disney World follows up his wildly successful Dark Side of Disney with his first foray into fiction, OUR KINGDOM OF DUST. He does not disappoint all those who've come to embrace his alt-Disney passion. Take the realities of his DSoD travel guide and sprinkle some Disney magic and illusion all over and and you get OUR KINGDOM OF DUST. To be fair, Kinsey is not a professionally trained writer and it shows. Yet, he is still able to craft an engaging story built around the ideals he has already set forth in his brand of writing. This is not Vonnegut and really who is expecting it to be. What you get is the same humor and rebelliousness you loved in DSoD. If you enjoyed Dark Side of Disney your going to enjoy this story as well. Complete with the return of Draven Star on the cover (and dare I say perhaps even the model for one of the main characters). The adult Disnerd in you will love this and all of Kinsey's adventures in the happiest place on earth. This book was also reviewed for my podcast Books, Beer and Bullshit. The episode can be heard at: