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  • The Dead Walk Diaries: Night on Dec. 12, 2010

    I read the free first 10% and put it in my cart for future consideration. I got two stories and part of a third. Each tells of the start of Z-Day from different points of view. First was a young girl in a car with her parents describing what she sees in her diary. Second was a group of stoner rockers more concerned with jamming and drinking then then taking the whole "survival" thing too seriously. The third is a group of boarders filming their stunts and then capturing short "videos" snippets as they encounter the start of the zombie apocalypse. The first two end on cliffhangers so I don't know if the story comes back around or not. Also don't know if adult points of view show up in later tales. Standard Romero zombies, blood and gore aplenty in the sample. Finally got around to buying and reading Dead Walk Diaries and was not disappointed. The entire story is told as it's happening. Each story is by and about different characters, but they all happen in the same town and sometimes intersect. It's an interesting and enjoyable hook; the characters are believable, the situations horrifying. Young is talented. Can't wait for new Diaries!