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Where There's Nothing Between You & the Story!

We're determined to bring you the best in e-books and to make them available to as many readers as possible. Because of this, Naked Reader Press is a DRM-free zone. This means you'll be able to read our books on almost any computer, smart phone or e-reader.

We'll be offering "reprints" of books that are no longer in print. Some of these were never released in a digital format. Others have been, but are no longer available. We'll also be offering "new" books and short stories from established authors as well as authors just breaking into the field.

Everyone involved with N.R. comes from a publishing background. Some of us are writers and some are editors. The one thing we have in common is the desire to bring the best possible books to our readers. That means we are actively looking for novels from established authors, new works and backlist titles, as well as looking for that new author who has yet to break into the business.

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