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  • The Society On Da Run: Dragons and Cicadas (Update 10: 3/2/13) on Feb. 11, 2013

    I tried to be very open minded when I read this book as I like science fiction, new forms of writing, Dragon stories, everything that this was about, but I think what finally killed it off for me was to have the readers edit and write the book as it progressed with constantly changing endings, story and nebulas reality of what in the heck was going on, as if the writer was on a cool aide acid trip. This premise might work for some people but for me it soon became very boring and frankly a waste of most of the readers who follow me their time. I'm sorry but I really can't recommend this to anyone in good conscience. 1 Star grudgingly.
  • Caribbee on Feb. 12, 2013

    A true swashbuckling story derived from the true history of Hispaniola, Jamaica, Tortuga, basically all the Caribbean Islands of legend and the men & women of the 1600's to the 1700's in Charles II & Cromwell's rule of England. Before slavery had taken hold in the Americas, instigated by the Puritans & Roundheads of the time, while chastising the Roman Catholics for their Church policies, were in a lot of instances worse than the people they were at war with, which is so often the case. This is a wonderful book giving a true colorful description of the times, morals, habits and accurate picture of life in their non air conditioned, sweaty, often filthy, disease ridden society, where the people the upper levels scorned were often a step a head of the 'superior' ones who had enslaved them. The corruption, greed, desperation go beyond belief in this fascinating look into the reality of the famous Spanish Main. Some spelling errors are the only errors that I found marring this piece, so I give it a 4.9 on the 5.0 scale of excellence. Don't miss this one as I couldn't put it down once I started it.
  • Sophie's Secret on Feb. 24, 2013

    Recommended for: Young Adult Read from February 22 to 23, 2013 — I own a copy, read count: 1 This is a great coming of age book for young adults. It deals with all the problems that kids making the transition from grade school to high school encounter especially if they are the youngest member of the family of high achieving girls, who have gone on to be both popular and successful in school and work. Daunting enough in those things alone, but add a weight problem during middle school with the attendant name calling, it's enough to make it an almost impossible mountain to climb, even though you have turned into a swan in the transition. Even though our heroine has special talents that her steadfast friends enjoy as well, all of them have troubled home lives which shows that these extra gifts are not, in and of themselves enough to overcome the trials of emerging into the adult world. A great book that is thoughtfully written, by someone who I believe has probably experienced the pain that is portrayed here so vividly. This would be a nice gift to any teenager who is struggling with the normal drama that life throughs at them, that they feel their parents simply wouldn't understand. 5 Stars in my book without any hesitation.
  • In Gods' Hands on March 05, 2013

    Exceptional is the only word to describe this piece of work. From the picture created of the scenery that is so authentic you feel that you are there to the emotional pull that sucks you into this woman' world, the slide into the ancient gods and their playful part of entrapment and yet granting a well deserved request, make this a delicious treat like having a gelato after a wonderful meal at the best trattoria you can remember. 5 Stars to Bacchus who definitely approved of this work.
  • Car Wash on March 05, 2013

    This was so short that I thought it was just a teaser but apparently that was all she wrote or he wrote I should say. If you get off on real & I mean real quickies, then this will work for you, otherwise it's just a flash in the pan and probably barely rise to the top before the end, in a manner of speaking. Well written just too short for most people I think so 4 stars on that basis.
  • Oath of Servitude on March 10, 2013

    A very unusual book. It's very rare to find someone writing about the world of the pixies in such detail with a modern day crisis between the two cultures. I found this fascinating, well written, and dismayed that I will have to wait for the second book to find resolution to the treachery within the pixie hierarchy towards their own kind and the stubborn support and bravery of both Callin's father and his human friend. A pleasant surprise in this day of violent nasty R rated fodder that we are inundated with. 5 Star performance that I unhesitatingly give to teens on up to read !