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Mary Kyriakou was born in Chania Krete, in Greece. She works as a stewardesses in an airline company. She loves reading fiction (Fantasy, Erotica, Historical etc...) and is a poetry junkie.

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  • The Rootless on April 29, 2011

    Nice short story. A little raw but intriguing enough and a quick read.
  • Songs of Loss on July 10, 2011

    Ομορφη συλλογη απο ποιηματα. Απλος και καλα δομημενος στοιχος. Θα ηθελα να ηταν λιγο μεγαλυτερη.
  • Origins on Sep. 01, 2011

    I first read this on my kindle a couple of months back, having bought it from another online shop. It is the first book in a series spanning now 2 novels and a novelette, the Rootless. The overall story has your typical historical fantasy book premise at least at the beginning. A boy joins up with an older wiser warrior and they go on adventure after adventure, meeting interesting characters in what seems to be a pre-medieval Europe. An interesting back-story and extremely violent fights supplement it well enough and slowly the whole thing changes transforming in what is for me a classic Dark Horror Fantasy story. Meaning no clear heroes except the, slightly clueless at times, protagonist of course and an abundance of bad guys. I loved it! Lacking a bit in the romance angle and fixed most of the early editing problems typical in an indie book after the 2nd edition. Personally I read it in my vacations and now I'm anxiously waiting to devour the sequel. I've read the 2nd edition. the following is my review for the paperback edition I did a little while back. A good fast read, with nice characters and lots of action. Interesting story overall that keeps you wanting for more. The ending was a surprise that brought the story at full circle. I recommend it, five stars.
  • Kill Her Not (Naked Spooks) on Sep. 02, 2011

    If I had to describe this beautiful story with only one word that would be hot! Crazy prequel to what would probably be a fantastic series to those that like the genre. A bit on the short side but with a scorching hot love scene, it will leave you wanting for more. I'll give it as many stars as the times I've read it.
  • The Lodge & the Tribe on Sep. 14, 2011

    Great Dark Fantasy. That is how I can describe this extremely satisfying story without spilling out the plot. Having read the 1st novel Origins, probably helped me understand some of the difficult parts of this very complex tale, a tale that is set both at the present time and in the distant past. Huge, at least three times the length of the first book. I enjoyed the parts about the pre-revolution 18th century Paris a lot, but what I liked best was the absence of a typical fantasy-genre, good character. The fact that I believe the nicest of the lot was a skilled assassin with a strange name tells all. Although sex isn't the focal point in this one, whatever is there makes it an adult book. It doesn't shy away from themes either as I found at least a couple of lesbian and gay scenes thrown in the mix. There is a fair amount of nudity, harsh language and an abundance of brutal violence. As I said at the beginning it is a great dark fantasy novel and is as much a sequel as a standalone book. 4.5 stars because I wanted a better cliffhanger.
  • The Photographer (Lesbian Diaries) on Sep. 30, 2011

    long enough to get you in the mood and with Nell's usual breathtaking and detailed sex scenes painting a hot finale this was deeply enjoyable story.