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Ms. Godwin taught high school science for seventeen years, owned her own writing business (involving breaking presumptions) for ten years, then became a missionary emphasizing honor and dishonor through a workshop designed to show people how to obey God’s laws without dishonoring man’s, since 2001. For the past twenty years, she has written movie and television scripts that have placed as quarter-finalists in major competitions [including the Academy of Motion Pictures’ Nichol Fellowship], and was told by a former advisor to the President of India that whatever she published “would create a worldwide tsunami.” After developing deductive reasoning through her science major, which she meshed with her feminine thinking patterns, she studied constitutional law through Barristers Inn, and the American legal system through Right Way L.A.W., where she was inducted into the Frontline Masters group in record time, probably due to her inmate dislikes for injustice and oppression of the underdog. Her students recognized her special gifts when they wrote on the blackboard “Mother Teresa saves the sick in Calcutta; Mother Victoria saves the oppressed in America.” She has spread hope through the Angel with the Inkwell Ministries by keeping FEMA from taking a farmer’s property because of an endangered salamander, stopping the state of Alaska from incarcerating a man for seventy years for practicing medicine without a license (he was a chiropractor’s assistant), preventing a County from usurping a man’s private property for a horse path, and avoiding numerous other authoritarian acts, as well as ferreting out crooked judges and attorneys whenever they cross her path. She invites the reader to participate in this tsunami for a wild ride through a different kind of revolution.

Smashwords Interview

May I start off by asking the obvious - why the word ‘follies’ to describe what happened in the Zimmerman courtroom?
Have you seen all of the definitions for that word? Try this on for size. ‘Follies - lack of foresight; costly undertaking, having an absurd or ruinous outcome; an elaborate theatrical review consisting of music, dance, and skits,’ among others. By the time you finish this book, you’ll see where the remaining definitions also fit like a glove.
That’s intriguing right there. Now to the second most obvious question, or, actually, statement - you’re not what I expected at all. A partially blind little old lady telling the government how to run a case? Wow.
Partially blind, fully-sighted, old, young, average intelligence or genius, all Americans have a duty to run the government. It’s theirs, isn’t it?
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The Zimmerman Trial Follies
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 80,450. Language: English. Published: October 2, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » Law » Courts & trial practice
The first book on the Zimmerman trial and the last one you’ll need on the subject, this work proves Zimmerman was never lawfully tried. Based on 20 insights sent to the prosecutors by the author, every fact that was ignored is exposed, beginning with the confession to first-degree murder in his only sworn statement. Now another invalid jury verdict mandates we find the next Rosa Parks to stand up

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