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  • Numenon on Nov. 08, 2009

    What Pulitzer-winner John McPhee is to environmental fiction, Sandy Nathan is to both spiritual fiction and non-fiction. Nathan's fictional "Numenon" merges two parallel narratives (one centered on preparations for a Native American spiritual gathering, the other an unusual business trip via corporate RV) with a dramatic clash in the novel's page-turning final chapters. In the process, Nathan's story-telling affords an insider's glimpse into the disparate realms of a Silicon Valley hi-tech tycoon and a Native American spiritual guru, and the historical events that bring them together...fictional histories replete with real life lessons for us all. If the unusual combination of corporate intrique and espionage alongside pitched battle for the soul are not sufficient to keep the reader's attention, Nathan also continues to establish herself as an expert in another compelling category: equine fiction! Nathan knows horses, and their place in "Numenon" should be satisfying to both life-long horse-lovers and horse novices. The only readers who may wish to proceed with caution are newly minted MBA's (this reviewer includes himself in this readership segment), as Numenon reads in part as a caution to those hell-bent on taking over the corporate world, and the damage such unbridled greed and ambition can inflict not only on others, but on one's soul. The conclusion is that Sandy Nathan includes a little something for everyone in "Numenon," and in the process establishes herself as a must-read author!