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  • BIAlien ebook 1 - Free version - part 1 - Free Science fiction ebook (nook, kindle, pdf) novel on Feb. 22, 2012

    Lawn-mowerman in an alien spaceship to the Andromeda galaxy! I loved, LOVED, this first book. This book is a "must read" for science fiction and fiction fans. I actually purchased the paperback version and read it AGAIN! I'm hooked. When i first heard of BIALIEN, i thought it was a half written, half thought out science fiction novel written by a newbie author. It was the complete opposite. I read 6 professional book reviews (Kirkus, Clarion, Feathered quill) and i was determined to see for myself. The novel was worth my time, it totally exceeded my expectations. The main character experiencing an out-of-body experience inside of the UFO he was hiding inside of and the fact that he was able to control the UFO with his mind, was very interesting. Another original concept not many authors thought about, was, what if a UFO was traveling faster than sound and an army of Jetfighters were also moving faster than sound? The sonic boom effects on the ground will cause chaos to the people on the ground. these type of concepts make me think, this is just one of many ideas this author came up with in his detailed book 1. The editing was pretty good, and the present tense story telling grew on me and definetly worked in the chapters. If you are unsure about this book, download this free version, but i'm sure when you finish it, you'll purchase the other 2 of 10 books. For the hardcore sci-fi readers, google "bialien wikipedia" for the real concepts of this book. Enjoy!