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Katelin was born in Bristol, Tennessee. She is the younest of two children. She has an older brother, Chris, whom she absolutely adores and looks up to. She enjoys writing and using her creativity. She began writing at a young age while going through a hard time in her life when she almost lost her mother. She had emotions and feelings she felt she couldn't tell or show anyone, this began her writing of poetry. For a long time she kept her poetry to herself until she started high school at Sullivan East High School and met some girls who would become her best friends. Katelin very quickly realized that her poetry was a way to release feelings in a healthy way so that she could cope with life's toils and trouble, she also saw that poetry was a way of expressing her love and affections as well.

Katelin took a creative writing class in high school which helped to hone her skill of writing. Her teacher, Mr. Rasnake, showed her the importance of what the poem meant rather then how many words it had, or the grammer used. Through the past 11 years Katelin's poetry and writing have changed, along with her writing skills. During college Katelin took a break from writing but could not stay away from it long. She took another creative writing course while she worked toward obtaining her general Associate's Degree.

Katelin's first poetry book, Crap Bag of My Imagination, is a collected works of poems she wrote during high school and right after. Many people have asked her why she chose that particular name for her book. She smiles and tells them that it is a joke between her and her mother. Katelin is working on a second poetry book with a few friends of hers and is also working on her first novel. She just recently published an erotic short story under a different name, just trying her hand at it. She tends to stick more toward poetry and fantasy/paranormal romance, as that is the genre's that truly inspire her.

Katelin lives near Bristol, Tennessee. She has two beta fish named Jace and Layla. She loves to spend time with her family and and friends. She loves going fishing with her boyfriend, Zach, who brings more joy to her then she has every had. He also inspires many of her poems and even some of her characters with his humor and soft side. Katelin loves to read and has always loved to read. Her mother instilled a love of reading into her at an early age when she would read "The Whomp World" by Bill Peet to her children every night. Katelin has been hooked on the paranormal romance genre since her friend LeeAnn offered her "Dance with the Devil" by Sherrilyn Kenyon in high school.

Katelin takes comfort in knowing she always has her family. It is from them that she draws her strength, stubbornness, and determination to persue her writing. Her parents always told her she could be whatever she wanted and could do whatever she put her mind to. She took that and ran with it. Katelin looks to her family for inspiration for her poetry and her characters. It is there that she finds the endearing qualities that come out in her works. Katelin's parents have always been there to cheer her on. It is with faith in herself and her talent and the ability to display emotion and feeling through the written word that she conquers her own goals and strives toward new ones.


Poetry -

Crap Bag of My Imagination

Favorite Books:

There are way too many to list. Here are the author's I read the most:

Sherrilyn Kenyon, Ashley Nemer, Stacy A. Moran, J R Ward, Karen Kingsbury, J.K. Rowling, Gina L. Maxwell, & Ashley Spector.



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