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Natasha Knight is the author of several BDSM and spanking erotic romances all of which explore the mind of the Dominant male and the submissive female, discovering just beneath the surface of each story that key element of love. Her characters are as human as she: powerful and vulnerable, flawed, perhaps damaged but with an incredible capacity to love.

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Smashwords book reviews by Natasha Knight

  • Seduced in the Dark (Book 2, The Dark Duet) on Sep. 23, 2012

    I tried to stretch the reading of this book out but just finished it last night. I found the first book in this series (Captive in the Dark) a few weeks ago and was glad I didn't have to wait long for the 2nd book. Just like the first, this book did not disappoint. I loved both main characters - which is hard to pull off when Caleb is a kidnapper/sex slave trainer with plans to sell Livvie. Livvie was strong, and even as she bent to survive her situation, she kept that toughness, even while falling in love with her kidnapper. The characters were so well developed with pieces of information as you read, no info dump. The book was paced well and an exciting read. Plot was solid and the author kept the quality up throughout the book. So many times when you get a few chapters into a book (especially one with erotic elements), it just falls apart. This one didn't with (once again) terrific plot and hot sex scenes (more than in the first book). My only complaint would be that I'd love a third installment in this series... I will stop rambling now but if you're not sure whether or not to buy it, do - you will not be disappointed.
  • Smashwords Style Guide on Oct. 16, 2012

    Dear Mark, thank you, thank you and thank you. I used this guide to self publish my book and I think it's the reason I didn't pull all my hair out! The book is terrific, step by step (with pictures ;) to walk you through all the little fomatting pitfalls you never even knew were thereā€¦I think I got through the meat grinder within 2 tries and my book looks great. But what I really want to write a thank you for is all the information you provide over self publishing/publishing in general. Your passion for this is obvious in every article I read and your trust and willingness to share information sets the bar high. Thank you. For all those who are reading books out there - please please, just do a quick review. Even just the stars mean so much to an author.
  • Conrad's First Girl on Oct. 16, 2012

    This was a very good read, hot and sexy yet well written. I agree with the reviewer that the girl deserves a better first time but I liked reading it! My only criticism is that it's too short but I didn't realize it was a prequel. Off to check out Abduction...
  • Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath on July 24, 2013

    I won this on a blog hop about a month ago and have fallen in love with it. It's such a beautifully written book of poetry, honest and real - just real if you know what I mean. The introduction by the author had me emotional and I knew I was in for something special. I read one or two poems before bed each night and sometimes just re-read them. I think it's just the fact that the author was willing to share so much emotion so openly with us. A lovely read, unique and special.