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Nathan Lee Christensen is a husband, father, and long lost Oregonian, currently living on a cliff overlooking the Pacific in the bay area. He was born and raised in the wilds of the Willamette Valley, and hopes to someday find his way back home again. His neo-gothic murder mysteries are bits of broken reality with as much truth between their lies, laughter between tears, and life between deaths as possible. And, though there may be better ways to portray rainbows than jumping up the asses of a thunder clouds, the author fully acknowledges his inability to do one without the other. Any references to his background or tastes in fiction would be largely incomplete without mentioning a few childhood picture books or 80’s television programs, so, suffice to say, he’s a happily swirled up mix of all the tasteless, classless impropriety the world has to offer. Despite his shortcomings, he strives to deliver heart and courage in every tale he tells, is resigned to produce a new one every October 7th for as long as the good Lord keeps him able, and finds, as a stay at home dad, this sort of thing is as good a way to rub shoulders with adults as any.

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