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Charles Naton was born in March 1970, the younger son of a schoolteacher and a factory supervisor.

From an early age he displayed a rebellious intelligence, which manifested as a Lovecraftian fascination for all things mysterious. Family outings often centred around ancient sites, while childhood explorations usually involved mothballed industries and other overgrown urban corners.

Although identified as a gifted storyteller from an early age, Charles preferred the nuts and bolts of working life to academic study, leaving school and taking various jobs in mechanics and electronics.

Later he decided to return to education, impressing prospective tutors enough to be accepted at the University of Leeds, despite never having sat an A Level exam. True to form, he found it difficult to function within a formal academic environment and soon became disillusioned with the study of human psychology. Charles has always maintained that during his first semester, the psychology department taught him a lot about human behaviour, although the course material itself has remained a mystery.

Quitting psychology, Charles eventually found some academic fulfilment in the fields of history, economics and politics.

After graduating, a spell of working in the City helped round out his unusual and varied education.

One winter not so long ago, a series of unusual and downright bizarre events finally convinced Charles that it was time to accept his fate as a novelist.

The result of this long and unusual journey is Section 12, the first in a series of unsettling narratives.

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