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  • Dreams Both Real and Strange on Dec. 01, 2011

    Short Story one- I really liked the first short story. is it about a Grim Reaper kind of thing. i thought that it was kind of creepy at first but in a good way. why did the woman ask to be brought back to life though? In a way i feel like there was a story before this one, but i really enjoyed it. i would give it four stars out of five. Short Story two- i really liked the second one. i like how it is about a Phoenix. i remember in Harry Potter books there was a phoenix hair in his wand. at the beginning of the story i didn't know what you were talking about, but it was really neat at the end to find out. i think it is also neat how a Phoenix can come back to life by burning. i would also give this story four stars out of five. Short Story three- i really like Thomas he seems like a nice guy from what i read in the short story. i am really enjoying them. i thought that it was kind of weird though because i thought at first what happened was a dream. also how did he get out of the lake and back into his room? did Mara bring him back to his room. Mara kind of creeped me out to. anyways i would give this four stars out of five. this one kind of kept me on edge cuz i didn't know what was going to happen. Short Story four- really good it shows that people do care about others when they are dying. they sometimes wish that they could change things like how they acted towards their children and wifes and husbands. i didn't think that this story would interest me so much because at first i was ify, but then in the end i loved this one the most. i would give this story a five out of five starts. keep up the great work. i am loving your stories more and more. Short Story five- i really enjoyed this story. i liked it the best and its what held my interest. i really want to know what happens. i still do wonder if he is going to be a vampire. i would give this story a five out of five stars anyways keep up the great work. if you have more to the first and last story please tell me i really want to read the rest. the best of luck with your stories ~Nechole
  • Choices: A Short Story (Thomas Lord of Death) on June 11, 2012

    wow this is an amazing short. i really want to read the next installment to this story. it kind of keeps you on edge for a bit with who is he going to go after. i'm really glad that i got to read this short. it's also very dark to the stories that i have read. i usually don't read dark stories because i don't like them. so i can't wait to read more of your work and i wish u the best of luck with your writing.