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  • Best of dadvice on Sep. 11, 2012

    The world has too many business books. Worse than they are often promoted to the reader on the basis that there is some magic formula or step to "self improvement" that will linearly lead to making the reader a better and more successful manager. Work and life are harder than that. The particular charm of this book is that it sets out thoughts for those starting out in their career in an open and expansive manner, much of which will be readily applicable for life both inside and outside of the office. As the contents were developed over time in the form of mails to the author's children there is a nice combination of looking at business theory and historical examples but also on how these are applied to what was happening in the world at the time of writing (I especially liked the impressions on leadership through the prisms of Obama and Cameron). I am often approached by bright and ambitious young colleagues in the early stages of their career for advice, and have now taken to pointing them in the direction of "Dadvice" as part of our discussions. Work and life are hard BUT work hard, be imaginative, be helpful, be moral, be positive - and you might just get there.