Neil King


Hello there and welcome to my author page where I'm supposed to tell you a little about myself. Firstly Neil King is my real name. What do I do? Well, currently I'm continuing an online working life. Less than three years ago I was a total computer dinosaur and knew very little and I still have lots to learn.

I have also worked online for clients who together have published over 200 of my articles. Which brings me to Ebooks and where I thought hang on a moment, why write for others? And so here I am starting another chapter of my life.

I have been visiting Thailand for almost ten years and have lived there well away from the tourist trail for the past three. While living the dream I worked for two years as an English teacher for a large rural Government school, incidentally the kids there taught me far more about Thailand than what I taught them English!

I enjoy helping people as I have been helped myself, which is one reason I suppose I lean towards writing non fiction and putting information together. Although watch out for some fiction based on fact as so many incidents and occurrences have happened to me on my travels.

I love to travel and spend time discovering new places and finding new things to do. I guess I got the travel bug from my time in the Army where I traveled quite literally all over the world. I went to some nice places but mostly not so nice places, you have to take the rough with the smooth I suppose. But on the whole I felt quite lucky about my travels. My list of other occupations over the years reads like a high school careers choice check list. Now I'm quite happy to focus on working from wherever for myself while deciding where to go to next.


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