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  • Age of Men on March 11, 2016

    "Age of Men" is the latest sci-fi mystery/adventure offering by Eduard Joseph, who mostly writes mystery and horror and flash fiction with amazing twists at the end. The twist in Age of Men comes halfway through the story and changes the mystery into a sci-fi adventure. The story of entire continents disappearing with buildings, landscapes and all forms of life is quite unique and I don't recall ever coming across such a story - not of this magnitude anyway. The story is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish, is easy to read and follow and takes you to a whole new level after the twist. This is really worth checking out.
  • Officer Longpipe: The Bank Robbery on March 11, 2016

    I read this short story recently and quite enjoyed it.
  • Just Imagine... on April 17, 2016

    Sweet story. Happy ending.
  • When Death Did Them Part on April 17, 2016

    A good descriptive story with an unconventional ending.
  • Life As We Know It on Aug. 29, 2016

    Good story though a bit far-fetched.
  • Hotel Horror Story on Aug. 29, 2016

    Not as good as the first book in the series, but still very creepy with the same style of writing that makes it feel like you're reading an actual article and not a story.
  • Delinquent's Survival Guide To The End Of The World on Aug. 29, 2016

    The best story by this author so far! I simply loved it. Great idea to set it in a post-apocalyptic world. Wish it was longer.
  • Planet X on Sep. 03, 2016

    Eduard Joseph has written an excellent novella. I loved the general idea and execution thereof, the building crescendos to each action, the dialogues interspersed to illustrate something about each new threat which also served to move the story along. This is a one of a kind story and showcases the author's ability to let his imagination run wild.