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JEFF SCHOENER, the NLP Wordsmythe™, has been coaching personal growth development at workshops and to private clients from around the U.S. and Australia for the past 15 years. Among some of what he consults and teaches are other-than-conscious awareness skills, enhanced relationship awareness and dynamics, Personal Persuasion™, removal of fears and phobias and other limitations.

As a licensed trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Design Human Engineer™, he utilizes the extraordinary NLP skills he has learned, successfully incorporating them along with other healing techniques. With the endorsement of Dr. Richard Bandler, Jeff is the recipient of the only NLP Wordsmythe License Certificate by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™.

Jeff is the owner of Neuro-Enhancement Strategies, through which he focuses his unique methodology for personal growth with whole-brain learning, essential to re-educating mind-body processes in order to manage the unfamiliar territories of all aspects of change. His methods of training have helped his clients overcome beyond the limitations of fear, compulsions and destructive behavioral patterns, achieving great success with his clients and audiences alike in bringing about positive change.

Utilizing his techniques for the corporate world, Jeff is able to tap into his extensive corporate and management background and thus, is in the unique position of deeply understanding corporate thinking, which in turn affords him a powerful perspective into multi-level Management, both in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. With a background in retail sales and management, he has developed powerful workshops for decision-making and persuasion strategies, state-control and management rapid learning. Integrating his many years of experience in large corporate IT Project Management, he has similarly and simply incorporated his knowledge of programmable patterns into everyday enhanced brain function processes. His career-enhancement trainings have proven to be eminently suitable for senior management, departmental heads and staff members alike. His coaching skills provide new perspectives in dealing with aspects of change and behavioral-pattern modification, which are also powerfully experienced in his classes, workshops and lectures.

Jeff is devoted to raising awareness within relationships with the possibilities of attracting positive influences into our lives. His coaching skills provide new perspectives in dealing with aspects of change and behavioral-pattern modification which are also powerfully experienced in his classes, workshops and lectures. His most recent work is deeply rooted in his background and personal experience as a family caregiver and focuses on the relationship between caregivers and their charges. A natural caregiver, Jeff is intent on providing stress-relief and energy replenishment with his audios and workshops for caregivers everywhere – family as well as professionals.

Communication, relationship and personal development workshops such as “Speaking the Same Language”, “Patterns of Attraction”, “Recognizing Your Perfect Mate” and “Making Better Decisions” among others, are precisely what makes Jeff Schoener such a sought-after instructor/ trainer for both personal and professional development.

Jeff is the author of “Just Before…The Memory and Sensory Enhancement Guide Book©” and several audio CD workshops on healing and stress management, featuring The Caregiver’s Relief Kit© series, his latest audio products making its way in the healthcare community, and Cellular Acceptance©: The Healing Audio Workshop.

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Patterns of Attraction
Price: $11.25 USD. Words: 10,120. Language: English. Published: September 23, 2010. Categories: Nonfiction » Relationships & Family » Dysfunctional relationships
Relationship attraction patterns are programs that run inside all of us. If you have ever said to yourself that you could do better, this is the book for you. Within the pages of this short powerful e-book is the Rosetta stone of why and how people are attracted to each other. This book brings you on an introspective journey and then into specific decision strategies.

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