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In the early part of his career, more than a decade was spent as a Stock and Commodity broker. During this time "research" became a major facet in his life. Why did things work the way they do? What made prices in the investment markets go up and down? Why was fear prevalent for a few years and then go away? As it turns out everything runs in cycles. There is a natural path that is repeated over and over again. The middle portion of his career was spent as an entrepreneur. Starting, running and building companies. These were exciting years. A great deal of experience in the business world and personal freedoms most never experience. Reaching his 60's found a return to the investment field where he became the author and publisher of a nightly Commodity and Stock Market website, Market Highs and Being an analyst and doing research suited him. Research it turned out was something Mr. Yarbrough had a serious talent for. He became a prolific internet researcher. Every evening he would report on the movements and likely future directions of the markets. Seeing the price of Natural Gas falling to near record lows caused him to research the likely trend of weather and how it was likely to affect Natural Gas in the future. What he found.....shocked him. The results needed to be told to the world. This book is that effort. When not doing research he has a passion for fly fishing, skiing and flying airplanes. He is an instrument rated multi engine pilot of 40+ years. Pilots as part of their training have to study meteorology. This book encompasses meteorology on a much grander scale. A scale that covers years and decades.

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Why did you write this book ?
I was in Puerto Rico for the winter of 2014 -2015. Based on some previous preliminary research I knew it was going to be a pretty cold winter. As it turned out February 20, 2015 set record low temperatures for over 500 US cities and it snowed in Isreal on the same day. I was still writing Market Highs and Lows a nightly Stock and Commodity news letter and I was intrigued by the low prices of Natural Gas. There was a lot of production in the Dakotas with fracking and it had put downward pressure on the Nat Gas market. I wondered what the weather outlook was for the longer I set out to find an answer.
What did you find out ?
I spent the better part of 90 days and nights reading all I could find on ways to judge the upcoming weather. There was a ton of information to sift thru. Some information didn't have much of a history and that was left out. The information that had a long history and fit with what had actually happened was the focus. There was a lot of research done by other scientists.....a lot of it is cutting edge computerized models with long histories and very good results in their forecasts. Some models like ocean temperature changes only go back to the 1980's. That's not long enough to make a decent forecast in my opinion. The models that have data that go back to the 1400's are substantially more dependable and accurate. The forecasts made from these models have a darn good track record so far.
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The New Ice Age; The Truth About Climate Change
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 11,030. Language: English. Published: October 15, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Science and Nature » Global Warming & Climate Change, Nonfiction » Science and Nature » Earth sciences
In The New Ice Age, Yarbrough explains why a decrease in the Sun’s activity has started to lead us into a record breaking frigid trend across the world. He explains why this cooling trend is important and what dangerous and horrific events can be in store for us as citizens of the world. Contains investment ideas that could offset dramatically increased prices.

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