Cameron Amth


Hello, my name is Cameron Amth. I am a female. I am a young writer of the age of twenty. I am a Erotica Writer. I love to write about passionate scenes or situations about two people with attraction towards each other. Or it can just be a need or sudden lust two people also feel toward each other. I love how powerful words can make a ordinary one night stand the most passionate moment of one's life. I will try my best to fulfill other people's expectations like me who love to read, when I'm writing. If I make mistakes or anything that could be fixed, please don't hesitant to point it out. I would appreciate a lot. I hope you enjoy my stories. x o x o~

Smashwords Interview

What is your writing process?
When I'm writing I like to have a lot of postive motivations around me. I love music, music means a lot to me. And I love all types of music. Alternative, R&B, Classical, Electronic, Soul, Latino, everything. I can't just whenever I feel like it. I always have to be in the 'mode'. If I'm not really in my writing mode, It won't come out as my best work I think personally. But my writing process goes a little something like this. When I'm in the 'mode' I get on my computer. I get my ipod and earphones. I make sure I have my snacks near and just think and listen to music then I'll get engaged in my writing. I write best at night. Alone, nobody awake, just me and my writing. So yeah, my writing process.
How do you approach cover design?
How do I approach cover designs? I like to edit pictures already. It's a small hobby I enjoy doing. I'm more into to design, changing fonts, and putting scenes together. I like making interesting pieces of art that I know I made. It's very pleasing. I enjoy it alot. So when I make cover designs which I have made before. I mainly focusing on how the words and picture will work perfectly together. How I can make it look as real as any other book cover but try to add my own editing skills into the picture.
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