Looking for something different? Well you come to the right place. I don’t do conventional if I can help it. I’m not into ridiculous rebellion either. So I have always strived to take a good hard look at life, and find those other ways of looking at things that might grant us a different perception of the entire experience, and perhaps even a bit more valid one, despite our present philosophical trends or antiquated beliefs.
To this then I write, with a focus on the arts, using unconventional lines and characters to confront all the conformity that rules our present sense of daze. Some might call me crazy just for doing that, to which I laugh, “I did, I do, I dance, fore I am in fact just another you, who has at least made an honest attempt to finally discern the difference between both the nightmare and the dream”.
Here’s hoping you will someday find the way to do the same thing too. In the interim however I can now offer you these tales:

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
We all now live in the age of Mis-information, as modern technology has evolved to allow anybody, including our own governments, to alter our previous perceptions of the truth, simply by creating a carefully re-designed new media event around them. Thereby making good seem bad, and bad something great for us all to now quite righteously and willfully participate in, with or without our truly conscious consent.

So I decided I'd turn the tables on them by reexamining all the ancient myths, present patriotic reasoning’s and modern scientific limits that now support them, in order to break the excessive amount of control some people now have over us. And thereby free us all, it is hoped.
Ergo, I give you Good and God playfully re-examined once again, but by a group of aliens this time, who may not be as strange as we like to think. Indeed they may have been the only true friends we have ever really had—in both the beginning and the end of All.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I have always been astonished by how little an author gets percentage wise from the official publishers. This can be as little as 7% of the price of retail sales when you are starting out, maybe as high as 20-25% for the best known writers. This is ridiculous considering that it is the authors writing and often years of work which is actually being sold. So the major publishing houses are taking a major cut off everything we do - 90% in most cases - simply because they control the merchandising end of things. That control also allows them to censor or limit what can be read, based upon their opinions of what is or is not popular or worthy of being read. This has kept many new ideas out of the hands of man. And I really want to see that stopped. For all our sakes.
So I recommend all new authors do the same. Of course this still requires that WE produce good, well edited work! So be honest with yourself as you do the work, and write with that purpose in mind
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High Roads Through Lowland
Price: Free! Words: 77,000. Language: English. Published: March 20, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Alternative history, Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
Forbidden knowledge has kept us subservient to flawed human perceptions for centuries, but the original creators are returning now to set the record straight - once and for all.

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