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  • Too Wylde on Jan. 16, 2012

    Too Wylde Having read most of Marcus’ books I was excited to learn there was a new one coming out. So after first reading the novel Johnny Wylde, finishing it in just three sessions, I started to read Too Wylde. After their adventure in the prequel ‘Johnny Wylde’ the main protagonist Johnny and his friends get into a new one when someone, almost literally a ghost, from Johnny’s past turns up. At the same time agent Capushek, also known as Nina, a female gunfighter and the officer with the most confirmed kills in the department, and her colleagues have to find out who is behind an attack that wiped out a local intelligence cell. Behind this seems to be the US dark, shadowy past of the sixties in SE Asia. Johnny’s ghost seems involved but who is pulling the strings in all this? The story starts where the prequel Johnny Wylde ended and ends with a bang and a gunfight which makes you craving for more, and impatient to learn how things will turn out in the next part of the Johnny Wylde saga. In this thriller Marcus doesn’t only let us look over the shoulder of the operator where we are shown kit and tactics but he also lets the reader look into their head. Marcus has been there, done that and received the t-shirt to show it, which shows in this and all of his other books. We get a glimpse into the shadowy world of the special operators where nobody knows who is on which side, the lifestyle of people with ‘the mark’. This all spiced up with chaotic gunfights and exotic sex. You aren’t just looking at how things unfold but you will be given the impression that you are dropped in the middle of it. As with a climactic big firefight at the end, a situation that unfolds as as confusing as it must be for the players. The book can be read as a standalone but as the main characters were introduced in the prequel Jimmy Wylde and some of how they relate to each other was explained there I highly recommend readers to read that too. This review is about this book so I won’t say more about the prequel that’s is a great thriller as well and highly recommended. This book is a step up with a great story, good character build-up, a nice insight into a world of which most people don’t know much about and great action-scenes.
  • With A Vengeance on March 06, 2014

    With a vengeance When this book came out in 2011 it had been a while since Marcus novel ‘Brother in arms’ had been published. I had heard from Dennis Martin, my instructor and mutual friend that he had seen the manuscript and without giving any details Den managed to excite us. We all waited impatiently for its publication but the subject was a sensitive matter with many publishers. Then Marcus switched to eBook format and got it finally published. A year after surviving a deadly terrorist attack on a plane Federal Air Marshal Hunter James gets involved in a series of events which are linked by a ghost from the past. At the moment I picked this book up I was trying to get a deeper understanding of the classics by Musashi and Sun Tzu. Coincidently the protagonist was deeply into these books as well as into 36 Stratagems which made it all the more interesting for me personally. Marcus Wynne is known for his research and teaching in neural based training for combatives. This led him to train formula one drivers, work with NASA and train security forces all over the world. Many people have asked for a manual; though Marcus philosophy is about doing it rather than read about it. Stories being great carriers for knowledge and lessons the book seems to be a training manual in disguise. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes the genre about special operators, is interested in strategy, likes to read about gun and knife fights, is interested in neural based training or just enjoys a great story!