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  • Color of Loneliness on April 24, 2013
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    Myra is alone in the world...her last living relative recently passed away, and she's left with her best friend as her only family. To add insult to injury, her long time boyfriend recently left her for another woman...who also works at the same office as Myra. Not only is she dealing with death and loneliness, but she has to have their relationship flaunted in her face on a daily basis. In essence, Myra is done...she's done being lonely, she's done letting herself feel this way. "She doesn't recognize the reflection in the mirror. The sad, depressed woman she sees staring back at her has to be someone else. It can't be her. As she stares into the stranger's empty eyes reflecting back at her, she wishes she could make it all go away. Make the emptiness disappear. But he doesn't know how... "I can't do this anymore," she whispers to the unknown person staring back at her..." When her grandfather's lawyer call to tell her that she has been left all of his assets, including the old house in her small hometown of Nyssa, in the middle of nowhere, Myra jumps on the opportunity to start over. She quits her job, packs a bag, and begins her life back where she started. But the house itself needs some major she hires a local contractor. In steps Dylan. He's a hard guy to get to know. He's angry, abrasive, blunt, rude, and very standoffish. (Just the kind I like in my books...weird, I know...) But Dylan has secrets in his past. He hasn't always been this way. And as these two begin to know one another, there is healing taking place. They can't fight the physical attraction, especially when faced with it on a daily basis. "This is all your fault." He holds her by the shoulders and glare down at her. She frowns. "What do you mean?" With his lips snarled, he looks up and down her body as he releases her shoulders. "Because you're always looking all sexy and shit. If you weren't so goddamn beautiful, this shit wouldn't happen. Maybe I'd be able to control myself around you..." "You think I'" she asks as her heart pounds. "Yes. Insanely sexy." His eyes narrow as he continues frowning. "It really fucking pisses me off. You need to do something about it..." I love Dylan! I also love Myra's best friend Susie. This lady is bubbly and happy and crude and rude, but most of all, she's as loyal as they come...if Myra has only one person left in the world, she should thank God it's Susie! She's got innumerable hilarious lines, but here are a few of my faves: "Holy horse shit. That's your contractor? That's Dylan?" "Yes, but don't forget you said he was a fucking asshole less than an hour ago," Myra hisses. Susie looks back at Dylan, her eyes roaming up and down his body. He turns his head towards them and they both duck quickly behind the toilet paper. "I did, didn't I?" Susie asks. "Damn it." She stares at Myra for a moment. "Well, all I can say is that he's one delicious fucking ass hole." and... "Whoa. Back the trolley up. He carried you into the house? That's so damn romantic. Completely swoon-worthy. Like that's some Shrek and Fiona shit right there..." and... "We both know he's a giant asshat, but I have to admit I wouldn't mind wearing his naked ass on my head..." and... "No panty ripping? Damn. I totally had him pegged as a panty ripper. God, I'd love to have someone rip my panties from my body. But I think the only way Jeff could get my ginormous grandma undies shredded would be with some garden shears or a bush whacker." I love that woman! I want her for my very own best friend, almost as much as I want Dylan! Despite all of the funny, this was a really meaningful story, of two people so beaten down by the unfair hand that life has dealt. Tragedy has hit them both, and they fight their attraction until they can't fight any more. And this attraction leads them to help each other heal. Just when they are set to be alone and down for the rest of their lives, there is suddenly something to look forward to, a reason to get out of bed, a reason to keep going. Although you don't really get answers OR closure in this book...there is a deadly little cliffhanger, so I highly suggest having the next book ready and waiting for you... Many thanks to Madeleine Beckett for this book in exchange for an honest review. It was an absolute pleasure!!