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  • A Luminous Future on June 22, 2012

    I can’t remember a time in recent history where I’ve literally wanted to ((((hug)))) the characters in a book I’m reading, but that is what “A Luminous Future” did to me! (Weird, I know). I want to give Teodor’s mother and father hugs for being so brave and having so much courage and sticking by their convictions. I want to give schoolboy Teodor a hug for the times he was discriminated against simply because his father had been given a bad rap. I won’t recap the whole plot, but the storyline revolves around Teodor’s life growing up in a small town in Transylvania after the end of WW II but where communism is still alive and well and dictators still control the lives of people. It’s terrifying and enlightening to read how the government can exert so much control over its people’s lives, and the people have no choice but to do what they are told. I don’t love the politicians here in USA, but I’m not afraid that they are going to bang down my door in the middle of the night and take my father away. Or continually arrest him because he is a hard worker. I know the world has come a long way and we tend to forget our history, it seems, once it has passes. This book is great to remind us of the past and be aware of what is out there so that it doesn’t happen again.
  • Return of the Crown on Jan. 26, 2013

    I have mixed feelings about this novel. On one hand it is extremely well-written and flows nicely. I’ve read a lot of fantasy and there were some creative and highly original aspects the author explored that I’d never seen anywhere and I found that refreshing. However, much of it just felt so familiar it was almost predictable. While there were some new angles (seeing the threads was very cool), most of the time I just felt like I was reading a different version of a story I’ve already read somewhere before, and the archetypes and characters were pretty stock and standard. No real thinking outside the box here which is something that is required to earn the highest praise from me. But if a tried-and-true fantasy is what you like, then you will love this one. The prose is lovely and the shorter chapters give it a brisk pace. While it didn’t exactly blow my mind, it was a nice read that I’m sure others will enjoy.
  • The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky on July 29, 2014

    I was thrilled to hear that David Litwack had released another novel, and I wasted no time in reading it. I’d been in a book slump lately and this was just the antidote I needed! Creative, strong, and emotionally challenging, “The Daughter of Sea and Sky” delivers the best that books have to offer – a wonderful escape from the world around us, while gently encouraging us to consider our lives and how we impact and influence our world. There are many hidden meanings and metaphors in this novel that make you think about more than what is just going on in the story. I love when authors actually have something to say and don’t just tell a simple tale. Loved every page and I highly recommend for fans of genre fiction.
  • The Kidnapping of Inda Jackson on Dec. 09, 2015

    wow, what an amazing book! Holy bananas!! Okay, I don’t even know where to begin because so much happens and I don’t want to give anything away… “The Kidnapping of Inda Jackson” by author Cher Foth is one of the most original and just flat out interesting young/new adult fiction romance’s I’ve read in ages. I liked it for so many different reasons, first the writing was stellar. The strong word choice and fluid prose makes it a very easy book to sink into. There are enough descriptions where you can picture everything perfectly, but not so much that it bogs down the pacing. There characters were great, but at times so many I had hard time keeping them straight! I liked that there were things I haven’t seen in other books like this before, and it just felt more “intelligent” than others I’ve read. I was impressed with Cher Foth’s knowledge of the various world regions, it is clear either she has done extensive research or been there first hand. I would be remiss in not mentioning some editing issues I encountered, mostly with inconsistent pov and verb tense… at first I was really confused by it, but I just learned to overlook it for the sake of the storyline. This almost seems like it could be a movie or a miniseries… Recommend for ages 16+… but this book isn’t just for teens. I’m in my 30’s!
  • The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses on Feb. 02, 2016

    to say “The Urban Boys” is totally unlike anything I’ve ever read before would be an understatement! I’m not sure how to even describe this book as SO much happens, and it seems to touch on so many elements, themes, and subjects. Smooth pacing, plenty of action, and diverse characters, along with current-day issues (despite being on the paranormal side) makes this a definite winner in my eyes. I think that you need to take your time while reading it to really grasp everything the author is saying, as it will require some deeper thought and reasoning, and might even change your perspective on some things. The prose is lovely and much ‘classier’ than one normally sees in a YA novel, and at times it reads and feels more mature. But teens like to read “up” so they might appreciate this, as will older readers who want to read ‘younger’ but don’t want it dumbed down. Very interesting, and recommend to fans of literary/ paranormal/ adventure fiction.
  • Gallery Pieces: An Art Mystery on Feb. 02, 2016

    the whole time I was reading “Gallery Pieces” by Larry Witham, I felt like I could have been watching it as a movie on the big screen. This novel was just as good as—if not better—many of the big-budget movies we’ve seen in this genre. The writing was clear and descriptive, with an ever-present tension of high stakes in the glamourous and dangerous world of hi class art crimes. I liked that the characters seemed “real” (not the stereotypical cardboard cutouts we see so much of in these types of books),and the dialogue felt authentic enough for the most part. But I have to say there were times where I thought I needed to be taking notes because there was so much going on and in different places and with so many characters. It almost made me dizzy, but in a good way. I definitely enjoyed reading this and think almost anyone will find something about it they like. I’d recommend this to my friends and family with no reservations. The ending makes it seem like there might be more… I hope so!
  • Friend & Foe - Book 2 on April 30, 2016

    this is the second book I’ve read by Nik Olsen. I really enjoyed the first one, and I think I may have even liked this one better than the first— it was easy to read, not overly complicated, just a great story written with amazing subplots that tie together without dragging things out... It's one of the those books you pick up and just finish before you realized it's over, like eating comfort food, the simplicity, yet action packed pages and witty dialogue and unpredictable twists were great. I enjoyed the descriptive world building Olsen uses, and really felt transported to another time and place. This boo has a depth rarely seen in the genre, and it does have its darker side. We never feel ‘safe’ as we are reading as the threat of danger is always near, but that’s what kept me so hooked. When I was finished I closed my Kindle and smiled, for it was a good read.... I'll want read the other books from Nik Olsen for sure.
  • Friend & Foe on April 30, 2016

    a beautifully written and richly evocative examination of life, love, loss, and the ravages of war, and the different ways people react to unthinkable situations. This powerhouse of a story is equally packed with action and emotion, and is sure to please even the pickiest of literary readers. I felt a great connection with the characters, and thought the narrative was clean and crisp, descriptive, but not overdone. Great writing and a bold attempt at capturing many important elements made Friend and Foe a powerhouse hit for me. Hope this author continues writing these types of books because he certainly has a knack for it. Eager for the next one as the journey of Ben and Joe continues on!
  • Not Black and White: From The Very Windy City to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on April 30, 2016

    great writing, great action, great characters, great plot…. Overall a terrific read that I feel really opened my eyes to the seedy underbelly of corruption on every level as it permeates our political system from different perspectives. I admit this isn’t really my normal genre of reading, but the sample pulled me in, but considering this is so closely based on Obama’s ascendency (and others as well) it was really worth reading more about and learning more about the way the system really works. This isn’t a nonfiction book, but there is enough truth in here to give you pause. I thought the writing was descriptive and the characters (especially Mars) really helped bring the story to life in a relatable way. I can totally see this book as being a movie. Recommend.
  • Portia's Revelation on July 11, 2016

    I loved this book… it did take me a bit to really get into it, as is the case with many fantasy or historical novels for me as it takes time for all the layers of the fantasy world to come into play and really get to know all the characters. Lesser authors will just dump everything on you at once, but better authors know to do it gradually and over time, like was done in “Portia’s Revelation” by Rich Tenaglia. There was a slow buildup as the storylines of the various characters stated to grow and come together. The writing is very descriptive, and I can picture everything perfectly. I liked the authors “voice” and writing style, it was almost literary with beautiful prose and narration. All the historical and philosophical/spiritual drama made this more than just a ‘fantasy’, and it was complex enough to make me want to keep reading night after night. Clean editing and a Great message throughout, and I’d be happy to read more from Tenaglia in the future!
  • A Book for Oreo on Oct. 25, 2016

    "A Book For Oreo” was amazing. I liked not only the Christian messages, but the life lessons as well. Ms. Jardine has a wonderful way of writing that is so down to earth and relatable, like a friend is telling you this really great story that you want to keep listening to. I went through the range of emotions on this one, from happiness, to chuckles, to fear, to sadness… was actually surprised how much it affected me (especially the end) as I own several pets over my life and have been there myself. I could relate to Ms. Jardine’s raw emotion and was touched by the purity and depth of her love. But like I said, there are also wonderful messages from God and the bible here that help us in times like this and show us that the love never really dies. . The story flows from scene to scene effortlessly, and the author shows exceptional ability when it comes to storytelling for readers of all ages. Recommend!