Smashwords book reviews by Nina

  • The Prince and the Pirate on July 25, 2021

    Wow! This was a fantastic book! The premise sounded really intriguing, but I really wasn't prepared for the richness and depth this book had to offer! This book is unlike the majority of the romances I read in that it goes way beyond just the immediate romance taking place and whatever plotline that surrounds it. This book feels like life. Like really living through the experiences and struggles of the characters. I read adventure and excitement. There was bonding and love. And there was horror and sadness. And this book makes you feel all the emotions! The world of this book takes place twenty years after the majority of humanity was killed off by a deadly virus. The people who survived it struggle to survive in what the world has become. And like The Walking Dead, you have the good hearted people that work hard together to not simply survive, but live as comfortably and peacefully as can be managed. And then you have the evil people who murder, rape, steal, and destroy everything that doesn't directly benefit them. There were scenes that made me cringe in their cruelty and suffering. Scenes that made me angry and long to see justice done. And scenes of love and bonding that made me smile and feel happiness. This book is rich in story, not just for the main characters, but some supporting characters as well. You definitely feel like you are on the journey with them, fighting alongside them, cheering them on. There were lots of twists I didn't expect, things I completely didn't see coming, and it made the story exciting, suspenseful, and the world all the more rich and vast. This was a great book and I definitely recommend giving it a read! 5 stars.
  • Drengr: Starlight Vikings #2 (Intergalactic Dating Agency) on Oct. 03, 2022

    I really loved the first book in this series and couldn't wait to get my hands on the next. I was not disappointed. Great world building and wonderful characters. I really liked Holly and Errik. Both had been married/mated and their spouses died. Holly wanted to try and meet someone new, and what better way than someone who was her perfect DNA match? Errik did not want his name put in the database, but it had been done for him, and he was matched. I loved the way everything played out and I liked the dynamic between the two of them. 5 stars.