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Smashwords book reviews by NinaCaramelita

  • The Soul Distillery on April 02, 2016

    This dark fantasy tells us the story of Robert, who recently lost his wife and wants to bring her back. No matter to what cost. Time isn't on his side and in combination with my desire to find out everything which has happened to puzzle the pieces together, made it a fast paced read. Although I still have many questions concerning the soul distillery itself, I truly enjoyed the ride and was most impressed by the characterization of the demons!
  • Fat Riker on April 02, 2016

    Fat Riker is hilarious. I often caught myself laughing out loud – I guess I’m (too) familiar with how wrong things can go when it comes to bands and touring. At times I’d roar with laughter, trying to utter “this is sooo Spinal Tap!!!” And it IS! If you want to find out what’s up with Shambles the Pony, David Bowie, the Tortillaizer Supreme Instruction Manual, some strange dips and organic kale (to name a few), I suggest you grab yourself a copy of this book and find out! Band members needed. Fat Riker. Free chips? Maybe.
  • Tinder Stricken on April 02, 2016

    It all starts at the Janjuman’s farm where she and Gita try to make ends meet and come up with a plan to make a little extra money. That’s when things go wrong. Not only does Gita [spoiler removed]. Soon after, Esha also finds herself in a sorry plight and a phoenix takes off with Kanakasipt khukuri, a priceless heirloom knife, she kept for her retirement. She’s desperate and forges a deal with a diplomat, Atarangi - who’s an animist and thus able to speak with animals. The women set off on an adventure, trying to find the bird… and Esha’s khukuri. Not only did I like the way Vlach’s way of writing & the plot with its twists. The characters are well developed and you notice there’s been thought about. A lot. The way they communicate with the animals is simply brilliant! I have to admit, talking with animals sounded a bit cheesy at first, perhaps even childish. But lungta!? Who could possibly come up with that idea!? It surely made me change my mind! The only thing I’m not sure about, is the water snakes’ language. Ok, it certainly brought variation, but at times I felt it kinda interrupted the smooth flow I experienced throughout the rest of the story. A beautiful Nepal-inspired tale which will make you philosophise and reflect a thing or two on your own life!