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Nina Fairweather is a reverse superhero. She leaps server racks with a single ladder by day and plays mild mannered wordsmith by night. She adores the ghosts of old buildings, navigates the streets of Seattle by bicycle, and has yet to find a submissive who can sew.

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Smashwords book reviews by Nina Fairweather

  • Fun After the Fire on April 07, 2014

    Ms. Lakewood states that she likes writing about women learning to express themselves. That's what I like most about this story. It has all the excitement of learning a lover's body, but it's not told from the perspective of some honey-tongued vixen of the night. The female lead feels real. Though she gets what she wants in the end, she questions herself along the way and doesn't always say exactly the right thing. This story is also a treat for those of us who enjoy the smell, taste, and tactile sensations of a new lover. Ms. Lakewood draws on the smell of a fire pit to round out the sense of her characters' coupling. Who doesn't love the smoky scent of a campfire?
  • Pleasure Park 6 (Virtual Me: Book One) on April 25, 2014

    Get comparisons to the Matrix out of your head. The author's almost effortless style makes this both a stronger and more subtle virtual reality world, with endless customization available to characters who seem to like blurring gender lines. I liked the setting so much that one of the longest oral sex scenes I've recently read almost felt like icing on the cake. Almost.
  • The King's Chamber on May 12, 2014

    The King's Chamber is as sweet as it is sexy. The novalette-length allowed just the right amount of time for me to care about all three characters. The king was the perfect compassionate top. The lord was an admirable gentleman. The lady was more than just a bridge between them. Romance steadily builds to passion, starting with a little tame voyerism and ending with thrusts and yearning, shouted vulgarities.