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Born a Dirty Old Man, as was my maternal grandfather, after whom I was named, and grow ing up during the great Depression (1929-1941), I became a wild-assed male chauvinistic pig/dolt/jackass/mule (my mother’s name for this sort of person). From age 10 to 18, I went with M. S. (learned about love in the back of a Plymouth). The lessons hadn’t gotten very far before I left. First place in the 1950 Illinois State High School 50-yd Free Style, started college at age 15, married, age 21, Medical School (Class of 1956), 6 kids, USAF for two years, worked in WI, read a lot, created misery, left. Got Cancer Centers approved in 3 sites.
Virtually everywhere I have lived and worked (14 places), through marriages and ‘friends,’ I have experienced jealousy, cheating (money and human), plots, lies, dislike, hatred, betrayal (particularly betrayal), much of it my own fault. Anytime I had anything, someone tried to take it away from me, usually learning, to their dismay and ruination, that they had underestimated me. I am most of the ‘negative’ you read in our book. Though my fellow authors do not disagree with me, they hate being so disparaging (like getting married for the fifth time, The Triumph of Hope Over Experience).
My second wife, to whom this book is dedicated, and without whom I would never have ‘lived,’ forced me to stop being a bully, and a quitter, and a fake. She motivated me to grow some balls, and succeed beyond my wildest dreams. She was my ‘Hard-Headed Woman', and experienced the world in much the same terms as I did. In Missouri, of all places, my hospital boss, G. D., allowed me to manage my office-based medical practice as I directed (proving my abilities, once and for all!!),with his help and support. We grew from six dispirited females in a rented plasma-donation site, to a huge White Palace on a hilltop, with four MDs and 45 employees, for 11 great years. Then they fired me. I was a PITA (pain in the ass), as usual, 100% right, 88% of the time.
After a few bumps, I had the good fortune to be hired (at age 75!) by a major cancer center, where I spent my ‘retirement years’ doing fantastic work with great physicians and staff (including A.M.P.). Finally retiring at age 84, in June, 2016, now I can speak with great authority about the ‘human condition.’ So listen up and learn – and don’t pay any attention to the ‘nice parts’. I currently live in Wisconsin with my daughter H. L. – bent , but unbeaten.


Practical Sexuality: The Battle of the Sexes. How to Survive and Win
Price: $3.50 USD. Words: 41,280. Language: American English. Published: September 4, 2017. Categories: Nonfiction » Entertainment » Humor & satire
The Battle of the Sexes can be won; learn how to win, and how to avoid the catastrophic losses that may await you. Winners laugh, losers cry bitter tears; be a winner. Stop making the same damnfool mistakes. Gain understanding of the opposite sex, and, boy, are they ever "Opposite". Laugh at the jokes and learn from the quotes. The dirty limericks are priceless.

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