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I am a photographer interested in supplying, where possible photographs; FREE OF CHARGE; for eBook author's free books and LOW cost to others (sometimes free for just image credit). I also do book covers and yes; I can often use Photoshop to modify pictures you supply.
I have recently published my first novel - Mana (Magic) in the Modern World. I have often wondered what the effects of magic returning to the world. Especially during these 'trying' times. So many people willing to do hurt, physical and mental, to people that in many (most?) cases they do not even know.
I think there would be Chaos at first - especially among religious 'fanatics'; those that say it is my way or NO way!

contact me at mrmac@nxlink.com
or www.noelbabasfotos.com

NOTE- I am currently looking for Beta readers - email for details.
Currently working on a sequel which has some D&D players from the first book that stumble into a real quest.

I own copyrights to thousands plus am willing to try to photograph others and render the photos into scenes in your eBook.

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Mana in the Modern World II Fairies and Fishermen
Price: Free! Words: 2,980. Language: English. Published: September 15, 2019 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
While on a father son fishing and bonding trip they encounter hundreds of unique and tiny entities. Entities not of this world; are they friendly or dangerous? They certainly soon prove they can easily be either.
Snippets of Jonathan's Story
Price: Free! Words: 1,860. Language: English. Published: June 21, 2018 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
Some time previously, a recently retired childless middle aged couple, Hubert and Adalwolfa Adler, found a naked child. He was estimated to be, at the most, three years of age. The child was sitting beneath a tree in their backyard alongside the Virgin River in Springdale, Utah
Visiting Dragons - Mana in the Modern World II
Price: Free! Words: 2,740. Language: English. Published: June 3, 2018 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories, Fiction » Horror » General
It's quiet this morning in the small city of Clovis, NM as few people are out and about at 6am on a Sunday. A strange looking cloud or… something begins to form very near the ground, almost in the middle of the street. It's an upright rotating oval cloud approximately thirty feet high, maybe twenty feet at its widest point.
Jill's Story
Price: Free! Words: 3,370. Language: English. Published: April 22, 2018 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories, Fiction » Fairy tales
Knowing it would only last a moment, she stopped to take several shots of the very strange fiery morning sky. It reminded her of a comet blazing across the heavens; perhaps an omen of things to come? Sporting a big grin she thought, An alien coming to visit?
Mana in the Modern World II - Battle Magic
Price: Free! Words: 6,960. Language: English. Published: March 14, 2018 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories, Fiction » Fairy tales
This short story is where a Marine sniper discovers that killing magic-users can have strange and most unusual… consequence.
A Lengthily Time Ago - Mana in the Modern World II
Price: Free! Words: 2,270. Language: English. Published: March 13, 2018 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » General, Fiction » Fairy tales
This stand alone short prologue is about something that occurred a time long ago. It provides beginning information from the, hopefully, soon to be published in-color novella - The Realm. It and other short stories are a continuation of the first book - Mana in the Modern World. All are stories about Mana's (magic energy) return and potential costs.
Mana in the Modern World II - Fairies and Fishermen
Price: Free! Words: 2,980. Language: English. Published: November 28, 2016 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
A father and son find magical beings in the strangest setting. Are they seeing intelligent creatures or........
Silver Wings Journal Notes
Price: Free! Words: 2,720. Language: English. Published: March 16, 2016 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
Recently I have several curious readers ask questions about the ship Silver Wing and her captain's encounter with the British and Indians. These are the general notes I made at the time of writing the first book.
Mana in the Modern World non illustrated version
Price: $1.25 USD. Words: 81,120. Language: English. Published: July 27, 2014 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » General, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
(5.00 from 3 reviews)
Ever wonder - what if? What if :: magic; once referred to as mana; were real? Well this novel is my answer to the what If question. Some will rejoice, some decry it, others take advantage of those that cannot. Then some zealots will want death for those that do magic. and then there are those truly eeevil that just take and take n take - like some people now!
Mana in the Modern World Illustrated Version
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 80,870. Language: English. Published: July 25, 2014 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal, Fiction » Science fiction » General
What if magic was once real and is now returning? Chaos could well ensue. This book is my idea of how the world might react. Jealousy, fear, religious rage. Think of the possibilities of mythical people and creatures returning once again. Ever wish mythical creatures and beings were real? That you could do magic?

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  • The Wayfarer King on Aug. 15, 2011

    Excellent series – flows smoothly and characters make lifelike errors. Good read. Wish I could have provided some images for the story - I have some great looking swords/spears/axes! Let me know if you or anyone ever need any FREE ones any for future stories. noelbaba@vrfmail.com
  • Spinward Fringe Broadcast 6: Fragments on Aug. 15, 2011

    Excellent series – flows smoothly and characters make lifelike errors. Good read. Wish I could have provided some images for the story - Let me know if you or anyone ever need any FREE ones any for future stories.
  • The Gateway (An Epic Fantasy Novella) on Aug. 31, 2011

    I agree, VERY good read….. Let me know should you, or other authors, want free pictures for your free or possibly other stories. Email me at noelbaba@vrfmail.com Mac Noël Baba’s Fotos http://www.fotoshoot.com/NoelBaba
  • The Unsuspecting Mage: The Morcyth Saga Book One on Sep. 02, 2011
    (no rating)
    O my………… Excellent read!!!!!!!!!!! Have just purchased through book 7 – thought I had seen reference to a #8? Written where it is almost a screen play and should be simple to make into a budget movie. Brian – let me know should you ever need BW photos for your stories. I will do them free – just credit me for ones used. Would love to be a part – I played AD&D years ago and had a ball! And I was in my early 40’s! Am now 67......... Mac
  • The Unsuspecting Mage: The Morcyth Saga Book One on Sep. 02, 2011

    Sorry - hit submit instead of the stars........... This would be worthy of 6! O my………… Excellent read!!!!!!!!!!! Have just purchased through book 7 – thought I had seen reference to a #8? Written where it is almost a screen play and should be simple to make into a budget movie. Brian – let me know should you ever need BW photos for your stories. I will do them free – just credit me for ones used. Would love to be a part – I played AD&D years ago and had a ball! And I was in my early 40’s! Mac
  • Pinochle or Strip Poker? on Sep. 20, 2011

    HOT stuff! E me at noelbaba@vrfmail.com if you ever want some free pictures to include in your stores – I own copyrights to many. Free = just credit me for the images. Mac Noël Baba’s Fotos Weatherford, Texas http://www.fotoshoot.com/NoelBaba http://www.modelmayhem.com/170900
  • 80AD - The Jewel of Asgard (Book 1) on Nov. 21, 2011
    (no rating)
    I played a lot of D&D in my youth and found this story EXCELLENT!
  • 80AD - The Hammer of Thor (Book 2) on Nov. 21, 2011

    Hard to believe but got even BETTER!
  • 80AD - The Tekhen of Anuket (Book 3) on Nov. 21, 2011

    Need to have more stars for this series! Just downloaded #4. Hard to believe these are free! Love to know how Aiki is pronounced. Aiki – should you ever want to add photos (free ) to the inside just email me at noelbaba@vrfmail.com – I have started supplying authors with pictures and the occasional cover at NO cost. Mac Noël Baba’s Fotos Weatherford, TX http://www.fotoshoot.com/NoelBaba http://noelbaba.photoswarm.com/
  • 80AD - The Yu Dragon (Book 5 -The Final Adventure) on Jan. 04, 2012

    Just finished reading the series……………. FANTISTIC series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Easily could make an excellent miniseries! Gamers – read the books. U will not regret it.
  • 80AD - The Jewel of Asgard (Book 1) on Jan. 04, 2012

    Just finished reading book 5 of the series……………. FANTISTIC series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Easily could make an excellent miniseries! Gamers – read the books. U will not regret it. Old youngsters – yes absolutely – I am 68!
  • Demon Lord on Jan. 13, 2012

    O My O My………. Great book Wish there was a button for purchasing all books in a series! Very interesting turn on the ‘Bad’ guy! TC – let me know should you ever want to add some free (image credits) pictures/images for inside the books – I own thousands. You other authors also.
  • Demon Lord VI - Son of Chaos on Jan. 16, 2012

    Hope the wait for VII is not too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Personally I am agnostic and found the hi-tech society in the book to be much like our present American, and possibly others, in the realm of religion and science. In my 68 years I have noted many people love the word impossible – let’s face it – nothing IS. T.C. has shown how many (all?) people, and probably most/all governments, tend to react to the unusual or something outside their strongly held beliefs – disbelief and ‘impossible’! Aliens or Gods BEWARE! T.C. – do you have a list of very seldom seen words to use? Wow – had to look some up………….. Let me knmow should you ever need some free images or another Beta reader. GREAT series people!
  • Readerotica 2 - Free Erotica for Your eReader - Volume 2 - Turning Up The Heat on Jan. 31, 2012

    Great to get erotica eBooks for free. Especially when there are good stories. NOTE: Should anyone want to ‘spice’ up the stories with images just let me know – I own copyrights to thousands. FREE if your story is offered as a free read. E me at noelbaba@vrfmail.com Mac Noël Baba’s Fotos Weatherford, TX http://www.fotoshoot.com/NoelBaba http://noelbaba.photoswarm.com/ http://www.modelmayhem.com/170900
  • Readerotica 3 – Getting Hotter – 10 Erotic Stories for Your Kindle or eReader on Jan. 31, 2012

    Great to get erotica eBooks for free. Especially when there are good stories. NOTE: Should anyone want to ‘spice’ up the stories with images just let me know – I own copyrights to thousands. FREE if your story is offered as a free read. E me at noelbaba@vrfmail.com Mac Noël Baba’s Fotos Weatherford, TX
  • Holiday in Hot Zone 16 on July 17, 2012

    Interesting story and quite plausible too.
  • Santa's Secret's: The Story That Can; Never Be Read on July 17, 2012

    Great story! Please let me know if I, a Santa lookalike, can be of service – including free images for future books. Or should you want a Santa image for just inside the book.
  • Kemamonit Pursued on Sep. 03, 2012

    Outstanding read! Easy to read and story flows nicely. Would love to supply you with some free inside images and or cover. Especially if you have another of Kem in the works. Just let me know at noelbaba@vrfmail.com
  • Reacquaintance on Nov. 17, 2012

    Interesting read……and…….really like your cover! Nice photo. I do love redheads! Let me know if you (or other authors) ever need free images (image credit of course) for inside or even the occasional cover. Am retired so I am also available for beta and proofreading. Mac at mrmac@cirranet.com
  • Death Incarnate map of Raliea on Aug. 25, 2013

    While interesting this map is difficult to view on my Kindle. Would very much appreciate if I could receive an email with a map attached. My email address is on my page. Thanks Mac
  • The Grin of Prophecy (Book 1 of the Death Incarnate Saga) on Aug. 25, 2013

    Great story. The cover needs a bit more Photoshop work but is an interesting concept. Let me know should you; or anyone you know; need any images – free to low cost. Suggestion – also offer the entire series as one book - after reading the first free I would have preferred reading it and the 4 others I just bought as one book. Mac
  • Pirates of the Storm: Stranded In Time Book 1 on Feb. 08, 2014

    I just finished Pirates of The Storm and immensely enjoyed the story. Really wish it was somewhat longer tho with some further adventures in the 17th century. I highly recommend the book! Fletcher; let me know should you ever want to include some interior images - I am willing to do some ‘free’ - just for photo credits. I own thousands including some castles in Turkiye. Especially for your Lake Porker one! After I put this review on Smashwords I will be buying your next. Mac noelbaba@cirranet.net
  • Rylae's Storm on Sep. 10, 2014

    Very good story. I recently wrote and published an illustrated eBook about Mana returning to the Modern World and thoroughly enjoyed the idea of Mana (Magic) in outer space. Just purchased the second book in the Ugly Box series. Love the name used for the series ! Let me know should you want to include free images - I own thousands. Mac
  • Heart of Ice on Oct. 12, 2014

    Outstanding! Riveting! I am buying Thunderstone next. Suggestion - if possible put it up on Smashwords too. Reach more readers.........
  • Epic Unearthed on Dec. 03, 2014

    I am still reading (at about 30%) and find this quite an interesting read. Especially so as I used Atlantis in my illustrated novel. However; yes a however - I suggest reediting to include indenting the paragraphs and a bit of research on how archeologists carefully work a site. Your archeologists are not doing very well at preserving or documenting the process. This action takes place in ‘our’ time with digital cameras and other handy electronic gear being readily available. Still; I am enjoying this read.
  • Ascended Light on March 02, 2015

    Very interesting image for the cover - it really fits with the story. Please let me know if you can write a longer version of the child’s story/future. I have healers in my novel also. I also have a few people as ‘Druids’ with plant ‘powers’. They work with Mother Nature and for her and humanities benefit. Well done Marion! Also let me know should you want free images for books. My email is mrmac@nxlink.com
  • The Reluctant MILF on March 02, 2015

    Very interesting image for the cover - it really fits with the story. Let me know should you want free images for inside books. With Smashwords the pictures cannot show necked ‘items’ but can get reasonable close! Give me credit for the images used of course. My email is mrmac@nxlink.com
  • Dry Doctor to Wet Nurse on March 02, 2015

    Great image for the cover - it really fits with the story. Let me know should you ever want a few free images for inside the books. I think some hot pictures would add much heat! Give me credit for the images used of course. My email is mrmac @ nxlink.com
  • The Mission on March 03, 2015

    OK - I give up - where’s the rest of the story?? Interesting enough to ask - huh? BTW - I saw you are the D&D game master. I am currently writing the sequel to my Mana in the Modern World. Might you and your group be interested in supplying some material for the story? A group of D&D players and medieval reenactors have found a way into another realm. I am working on a section of their first venture there (they do not realize it at first). If you or any of your players are interested, please e me at mrmac at nxlink dot com
  • Demon Eyes on March 03, 2015

  • Cosmic Tales 1: Resurrection on March 03, 2015

    Please, please, please - combine the stories into a single book and email me (mrmac@ nxlink dot com) the link to download as a complete series. Much simpler to read. Thanks Mac
  • The Thirteenth Unicorn on April 11, 2015

    Outstanding read and I am almost 72 years old!!! Am currently writing my sequel to my illustrated novel - Mana in the Modern world. Reminds me of my D&D playing days - great memories!
  • Died Blondes on June 29, 2015

    LOVE the title and cover! A most interesting read…….
  • The Orthogonal Galaxy on June 29, 2015

    Most interesting and different.
  • Shepherd's Quest: The Broken Key #1 on July 21, 2015

    Just finished reading and it is Outstanding! - Certainly enough that a 71 year old X (are we ever really X?) Dungeons n Dragons player and DM? Put it this way; I enjoyed it enough that I just bought books 2 n 3 - even tho the prices were a bit ‘pricy’. Would love to provide some images (even free ones) for the books should he to redo the books. Brian - let me know should you ever need another Beta reader…….
  • Portals: A Dungeon Crawler Adventure on July 21, 2015

    Finished reading a week ago and it is VERY good - especially the epilog! Took me awhile to understand it (if I am understanding it correctly!) but once I think I did - well just WOW and what a surprise! Still chuckling when I think on it - hope I’m right about it. One note tho - it is difficult to follow sometimes so be sure to pay close attention to the read.
  • The Kinshield Legacy on Dec. 31, 2015

    I just finished reading The Kinshield Legacy. I wish the four books came in one download rather than singly. I'll wait a bit in hopes….. I also wish I had the author's way with dialogue. love how seamlessly the story flows. Yeah - color me envious! I am writing (tho a bit stuck right now at a spot) the sequel to my published fantasy novel. Problem is that I'm not sure just how to get my characters into a 'fix' smoothly. Now I must comment on Weber's comment about the tavern scenes. After my many (30+) years in the military and DOD, many overseas, I found that many/most of the countries had bars that had 'free' women, and occasional boys, often offering themselves. Just another fact of life. I have even encountered, infrequently yes, but encountered the same in some of the lower bars / taverns in the US! Write on K.C. May, you're doing great! ps I tried to subscribe to your newsletter but not sure it worked......
  • Under The Shade Tree on April 27, 2016

    I haven't written near as many books as you and I just read Under the Shade Tree. Interesting take on a ghost story and especially the use of a Shade. About to leave a review when I saw your e address (will still leave a review) I liked the story and I wondered why did you left her wounds clearly evident as a Shade…. In my book I also had ghosts assisting people to find their killers. Your story has given me an idea to have, in the sequel I'm writing - (or maybe a short story spinoff?), an IMS Mage that picks up a 'sidekick' ghost that helps him. If I do, would you mind if I credit you with giving me the idea due to your Under the Shade Tree story?
  • Infinity Squad on May 01, 2016

    A great action AND suspenseful book with a very surprising conclusion! I'm buying the sequel as soon as I place this review. Do I recommend it? Most certainly people!
  • CNSEV Tormalinas, Lost on May 07, 2016

    Overall a rather unique telling. I found the beginning to be somewhat dry and a bit difficult to fellow but still an intriguing concept. The technical aspects were occasionally, ok - to me, distracting from an otherwise excellent story. I would suggest less use of the word bleep in place of actual profanity word. Several places the use of bleep and bleeping completely confused the flow of reading. As I 'said' previously, overall, this is a unique story and I can almost see what weird things a sequel might entail - … PS - thanks as Bugs gave me on idea for describing the meat being cooked by the characters in my sequel (it looks like a cross between an octopus and a giant tick).
  • Zombie Outbreak Survival: Zombie Hive Incident #83-2005 on May 08, 2016

    Just finished book 1 - almost, almost decided to not continue but persevered on and am very glad I did. Although sometimes difficult to follow, I assure you, it is worth the effort. I am not a big fan of the Walking Dead tho I did watch it some but found the show not very realistic. Here Van has created a more plausible 'feel' to the zombie craze. In my sequel, I even fell somewhat into the craze as I added a very short portion with a few for one Paris scene. At least mine and Van's have a more realistic existence (tho mine were created by raising the dead via magical healing). One thing of note - if for no other reason, read it for the kickass Zombie Apocalypse Survival Quotes and some character's names! Love Lance Corporal Stonecipher's name and her 'handle', especially her weapon's name! Now on the book 2 - would have liked a better way to recognize which order to read as the title showing on my Kindle doesn't give a clue - had to write a note for myself.
  • Zombie Outbreak Survival: Get It Right or Die on May 08, 2016

    Disappointed - not as interesting as book 1 Needs more 'action' of the Marines vs Zombies.
  • Zombie Outbreak Survival: The Rules on May 08, 2016

    Mainly repetitive with no different info.
  • Erotica Short - Her Husband's Affair - Erotica Wife on May 16, 2016

    Very good and hot! - let me know if interested in some ghost writing for me using some of my many photos I shot over the years.
  • No, Dad, you can't fuck me! I'm your damn daughter, you pig! Part 1 Bareback For A Reluctant Daughter (Incest, Revenge, Cuckold, Humiliation, Cheating Teen Wife) on May 17, 2016

    Interesting story line but REALLY needs editing - esp for who's speaking what. Let me know if you ever need images - I own thousands.
  • The Gold Watch on June 15, 2016

    Very good / excellent and interesting "ghostly" story. I've read many (especially the free ones - I'm retired so 'jump' on the freebies) and have been wondering - Where do you find such interesting names for your characters?
  • Taj's Early Years on June 29, 2016

    An interesting story but difficult to follow. Often I was unsure who was speaking. Although it is clearly fiction/fantasy (?) I found most often wishing for a better explanation of Galen. I I fully understand your apparent frustration with getting, good or bad, reviews - especially for a free offering. I had the same frustration when I published my book. Finding Beta readers is difficult too. I would make one suggestion for this book - revise it to clarify who is speaking as currently a reader must backtrack to decide who is saying what. As I've told others - let me know if you ever need some images for covers or inside.
  • Visions of Magic - The Kidnap of Gabrielle Ulan on July 23, 2016

    Lovely story, especially Poppin and her funny ways and speech. Shane - if you happen to read this I would appreciate an email at mrmac@nxlink.com as I would like to 'speak' about the wood Fae character and speech. Mac
  • Angie Guardian Angel on Aug. 18, 2016

    Outstanding tiny story with a gigantic twist - love it!!!!!!!!
  • A Gift From A Ghost on Aug. 18, 2016

    Another tiny story with lovely openness…….. great stuff! Let me know if you ever want to add a free (or more) images to your stories. I once did a picture of my granddaughter as a ghost setting beside my old outhouse. Another daughter named if Simplicities of a Past Life.
  • The Ouija Board Lie Detector on Aug. 18, 2016

    O my… Mr V; this one is truly great and what a fantastic ending! Can give one the shivers.
  • Voyage To Mars on Aug. 18, 2016

    The old ….. been there; done that but with a delightful twist.
  • Why Infinity Was Invented on Aug. 18, 2016

    O so many examples to the……… TRUTH……..
  • Brimstone and the Companions of Althea. on Aug. 29, 2016

    A great 9 book series by the author of the Peacekeeper series. This Brimstone and the Companions of Althea book 1 is the first of a 9 book series that is built around nonstop action. It is based on actual characters from several players of an online game. A note of caution - the lead in material you read is necessary to set the stage for the events that transpire in the series. That said - the remaining 3/4 is pure ACTION! I suggest the reader peruse the first portion with care as some helps in understanding the storyline.
  • Cyber Doomsday on Oct. 07, 2016

    While not my usual gender for reading, when I ran across it on a Craig's List ad, I decided to skim the sample offered. Glad I did. Being an old codger, (73), I sometimes, slightly agree with some doomsayers in particular in that we, and the world, have become much too dependent on our technology. The current TV ad about a family losing their internet certainly struck a chord! Ever forgot and left you phone somewhere???? Garth's characters in the book are also reasonable realistic without being 'Chicken Little'. Their take on politicians is also, in good part, my take on most of the politicians; esp. ones now. With his permission, I put a small portion of the dialogue here: - the amount of money being spent by big business is that usually when a business lays out that kind of money, they will expect something in return. They don't just hand out that kind of money for no reason. There are usually strings attached. It is a recipe for corruption. - I've often wondered why someone spends a great deal of his or her money to be elected to a political position…….have you ever… even briefly wondered? The book is riveting, well written tho occasionally 'long winded'. Do I recommend this book -- YES! I especially liked how he did the doom part - something I NEVER envisioned; but now that he's brought it to light - maybe, just maybe possible. Tho I tend to think - possibly a two edged sword? Definitely unique 'hack'!
  • Keelic and the Space Pirates on Nov. 13, 2016

    At first blush, I almost - almost…, quit reading as it seemed more along the line of a novel a pre-teen would enjoy. At 73, I've read a lot of science fiction (and fantasy) and find more enjoyment in a faster passed story. However, I managed to persevere and found the pace quickened, especially around the 70percent mark. Overall I moderately enjoyed this free book enough that I am interested in reading the sequel - Alexander, if you happen to read this review please email me ( mrmac@nxlink.com ) when it is published or if you could use a free image or two for the cover or inside. Again - a good read for pre-teen to about 15 - especially ones that enjoy science fiction.
  • Little Blue Car on Nov. 13, 2016

    Morning - or whatever it is there…… I was intrigued when I read the Little Blue Car's review. Frankly the review caused me to download and read the story. The review was correct in it being short but I found it very illuminating and perfect. Well done - later, after I read your other free ones I will 'hit' it with a 5 review. Let me know, one newbie to another, should you ever need free images - I own thousands. Mac
  • Babble and Brook on Nov. 13, 2016

    An interesting very short story... sad too in a way and leaves one to contemplate ... something; but not sure what
  • Piper on Nov. 13, 2016

    It's a short story Jairaj not a book. Tho short it is a most enlightening story - well done C.L !! I do agree on one thing - put them into a collection at 99 cents. They are interesting enough to show life as it sometimes really is . Mac
  • First Hunt on Nov. 13, 2016

    Now that's what I call a FIRST hunt !!!!!
  • The Bestest Christmas Ever on Nov. 13, 2016

    At first blush, it seems strange but the ending I found to be MOST gratifying. Even to this 73 year old being! Especially these days!
  • Fallen Star on Dec. 15, 2017

    A great ACTION packed story!!!!!
  • The Founders on Dec. 17, 2017

    Another exciting read. Please let me know if you ever have need of a free beta readed.
  • The Valley on Dec. 21, 2017

    Not quite up to the other two in the series. Sure wish they weren't written using the metric system. Maybe think about using both metric (standard) like so. I know - would be a pain to do but………..
  • First Strike on Dec. 21, 2017

    I agree with Doug's review - science fiction is in the eye of the beholder. The story is a very good read and deserving of a realistic review.
  • On Distant Shores (Earth Exiles, Book 1) on Dec. 21, 2017

    Great books and I love your comment::: Currently, his greatest challenges are black ice, lake effect snow, and uploading word documents to E-reader format, all equally treacherous endeavors. Let me know if I can help with the formatting or images for the cover or inside…for free. Mac
  • Invasion Earth on Dec. 25, 2017

    I almost didn't finish reading but found it was a good twist n turn plot. Excellent idea on an E.T. invasion. I very much suggest a good editing and have a suggestion or so. Use conjunctions and chop up the long winded sentences. (One was over 50 words!) Practically always using full titles - Special Agent Fellows; etc - People, probably aliens too, do not normally do that. You have a lot of redundant wording - also some look as if some was simply cut n pasted.
  • Demon Ember on Aug. 24, 2018

    Demon Ember is most definitely a different take on the Zombie craze… and a most excellent one at that.
  • Frey on Aug. 24, 2018

    I would have awarded this story more stars but the strange use of at least three (from small to large) size of the font was very disconcerting to the story’s flow. Revise that and it would warrant 4 or 5 stars. Course the font problem could possibly have been caused from my downloading as a Mobi but I don’t think so.
  • Days of the Sun Storm on Jan. 03, 2019

    LOVE the ending!!! This is absolutely a great read.
  • Holy Tigers on Jan. 03, 2019

    Another great read. Now to check out Holy Panthers……..
  • Daughter of Wolves on Jan. 16, 2019

    I found Daughter of Wolves to be well written and thoroughly enjoyable. Plus the most intriguing description of Javanehs arcane abilities - especially her newfound metal working talent. Well done Lia. Let me know if you or others ever need some free (or low cost) eBook covers. Or know anyone that might like to write a story (short or long) in ‘my’ world or even bata read ones I’m working on. Mac
  • Star Nomad (Fallen Empire, Book 1) on Jan. 22, 2019

    Love Alisa and her quirky eccentric sense of humor. Please let me know if you decide to offer the series as a combined download.
  • On the Accidental Wings of Dragons on April 20, 2019

    Excellent story and nicely fast paced. Would love to see what a short story you could come up with in ‘my’ modern world. Well done Julie……..
  • Broken Soldier (Book One) on Nov. 23, 2019

    Very good fast paced story that provides some fresh air into the attitudes/egos of some upper echelons I noted in my 42 total years in the AF and DOD. However…. The $5 price tag (ok- $4.99) for the follow ups is too much and a distinct put-off. Especially as it’s easy to see the series has the ability to go over 20 books in length.