Noelle Blakely


Noelle Blakely resides in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. She lives quietly with a very patient man and a very spoiled little dog.

Clearly her imagination is vivid and her mind is a little warped. She blames books. Some of her favorite Authors are Stephen King, Kate Elliot, Jacqueline Carey, Frank Herbert, and Clive Barker, just to name a few. So, you can see how the warping might occur.

Find her on her blog at nearly everyday as well as twitter at @NoelleBlakely or visit

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Cherishing Destiny Book Trailer
After a catastrophic event, factions divide to conquer and rule and devastation becomes the norm. But, two Vampires, a Human and a Werewolf come together to create an extraordinary bond of love and trust to survive the storm. As a family they face the aftermath that is altering their world and the course of evolution. Adult Paranormal Romance/Fantasy contains mature themes of erotic intimacy.


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