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James Austen has written two well received plays and adapted Oscar Wilde's "Happy Prince" for theatre and schools.
He has directed for the stage and acted on stage and television.
James regrets that has had too many careers, including that of drama teacher, but most he would rather forget.
Although James loves sleeping and can be incredibly lazy, when it comes to writing, he finds it hard to stop, and often writes till he drops. Writing has always been his greatest joy.
James has written in many genres, but likes it most when he can sneak in past your rational mind and address your groin directly.
James wishes his surname was Brown, because he would rather be bad than literary. Help this poor, posh boy achieve his dream - write to someone, complain, he should be stopped.

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  • Dressing Up on Oct. 02, 2011

    Skip is the dumbest of dumb jocks, in "Dressing Up" we follow his American Pie style adventure in coming out and getting into a relationship. There's loads of great comedy here and lots of it is very sexually explicit slap stick, starting with Skipper going to a Fancy Dress party in the tiniest Tarzan suit (intended for a child) with inner pouch removed. Throughout the story Skipper, in various states of undress, is subjected to ridicule, exploitation and abuse though this is mostly due to his fellows youthful innocence, ignorance and hormones. Of his contemporaries only Jared is entirely nasty and why he is a bully becomes obvious. Skipper discovers that he too is not immune to abusing and throughout his adventures we see him grow in wisdom and maybe a little intelligence. Unlike so many other writers in this genre, Todd Young's stories are not set in some hazy, romantic, simplistic world. His world is often all too real despite being spiked with gross-out comedy and coincidence. Skipper gets to cry some very real tears and his back story is sad and credible. But if you're easily offended, or like your escapism to be uncomplicated by yucky reality, you're probably safer elsewhere. Todd Young is a good, at times very good writer. At his best he is almost invisible, putting you entirely in his characters world and leaving the reader to feel that they are discovering much of the finer detail for themselves. Progressing from his earlier title,"Corrupted" [ASIN:B004E9UA80], it's nice to see Todd really stretching his art with "Dressing Up".