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  • Obsession on Aug. 14, 2022

    A high quality thriller, probably Ellie's best book which deserves a whole series. Dark and erotic, the dynamics of the events make it impossible to stop reading. The finale is moist in just the right place. Continuation is a must.
  • Slaves to Rome on Dec. 18, 2022

    One of Ellie's better books, world building, intrigue and sex. I haven't read anything this good since Obsession.
  • Sins of Rome on May 13, 2023

    The sequel is as good as the previous book. The book throws the reader into the snowy forests of Germania. Here we have the combat, intrigue and politics of the wild frontier. There are new characters with new romances and kinky sapphic sex that is more daring and intriguing. There's also violence and war. Maybe Ellie Wylde has allowed herself a slight departure from the actual history of Rome but only to make the intrigue action and sex top of the line. Ellie Wylde proves once again that she is the new queen of lesbian erotic literature.
  • Fury of Rome on May 21, 2024

    The best part of the series. Here we have the cruelty of the civilized world and the conservative approach to life represented by the so-called barbarians. But in the final analysis it is Rome that is the barbarian beast clothed in perfume and lewdness. The characters are well written and can be liked or hated but certainly desired.