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Originally from the Midwest, Noreen now lives in Southern California. As the author of over 50 short stories and numerous poems, her fiction and poetry have appeared in national as well as international journals: The Chicago Tribune's Printers Row journal, The Oleander Review, Pilcrow and Dagger, and Vine Leaves Press, among others.

Her fiction and poetry exude the complexity of situations she's faced as well as the challenges she's overcome. They are rich in detail, diffused with empathy, and poetically written. Noreen Lace believes in the beauty of language to express the deepest, darkest parts of our beings.

West End and Life of Clouds, told in sparse prose and broken narrative, feature characters whose lives have been affected by elements outside their control with the protagonists struggling to find their own power.

Eddy is her newest work of short fiction. Forever a fan of Edgar Allan Poe, Noreen set out to write a fictional account of an actual event, his suicide attempt in 1848. She's been interviewed by Dark Mysteries, appeared at The Poe Museum, and lectures about Poe's lasting contribution to our culture.

Her short stories will be released in succession on Smashwords in 2018.

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