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  • When We Were Married Vol 2 Second Acts on Jan. 31, 2012

    Book 1 was great. From a simple 4-word phrase (“When we were married”) has arisen a complex and riveting story with far greater boundaries and sub plots than could have been foreseen in the first few chapters. Now I have finished Book 2 and it has left me wanting more of this fascinating tale. Unfortunately I will have to wait a few months for Book 3. I console myself with the thought that some things are worth waiting for and this definitely is. The central theme is Bill and Debbie’s story, but there is so much more to savor. Although I cannot, on the one hand, wait for the next chapters, I will on some level be sad when the story finally ends. The author’s style is energetic, passionate – at times ‘driven’ – but always entertaining. He has a heck of an imagination and the talent to follow through on it. This is the kind of story where you realize, with a start, that 6 hours of your day passed without you having done anything except lounge and read. My interest was held throughout. In fact I could not put the e-book away until I had finished it. Excellent – 5 stars