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Rocco Norman Lim has been a corporate banker for over 2 decades. His banking career started in 1995 after returning from the USA where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Business Administration and Management from the University of South Dakota, USA.

Norman chose to study at University of South Dakota, USA because he was fascinated with the movie "Dances with Wolves" which was filmed in South Dakota.

Like the majority of the graduates, Norman didn't know what to do with his university business degree so he joined the banking industry and worked with an half assed attitude. Everyday he believes he would be somebody famous and filthy rich. Days passed, then months passed and it has been 23 years now and Norman still works as a corporate banker although he has since changed his half assed attitude to balls out attitude on his work as a corporate banker. Today, Norman is not famous, not well known and certainly not rich. However, Norman still believes he will be famous and well known someday. His positive or delusional view continues to motivate him to live life to the fullest.

Norman's dedication to his work as a corporate banker (balls out effort) had resulted in him becoming fat, so fat that he once weighed in at 104 kg.

One day while Norman was walking to his office after lunch he met a wise man who asked Norman if he was experimenting with how it feels like to be 7 months pregnant? Norman told the wise man that he isn't doing any form of pregnancy experiment. The wise man was relieved on hearing this and advised Norman to always indulge in his passion and Norman did so. He lost 22 kg and wrote a book about it and continues writing about all that he experienced as a banker, husband and father.

Smashwords Interview

What prompted you to write this book – Fat Loss Made Simple?
Like anyone who wanted to be healthy and fit, they were probably on some kind of diet and exercise regime. I was one of those too, unfortunately the diet and exercise regime that I was on in the past either did not work or if worked, disappointingly, I would only gain back every single pound I lost within a short period of time. So, I decided to do my own research on fat loss and discovered that it is actually a very simple process! All you need to know are what exercises would be most effective in burning fat and how to manipulate the intake of foods in order to maximize your body’s natural fat burning process. There is no need for expensive diets, supplements, exercise machines or restrictive eating plans. Aside from maximizing fat burn from manipulating the intake of foods also allows you to continue to consume foods that you like which will be sustainable in the long term.
Your book titled Fat Loss Made Simple, is it really simple?
Once you understand the concept I share in my book on fat loss, you would see that fat loss is a simple process. And when you follow the principles that I share, you will lose the fat, resulting in a body with majority lean muscle mass and best of all a higher metabolic rate which would then prevent you from gaining back the fat that you lost.
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Fat Loss Made Simple
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This book provides guidance to readers on how they can design their own eating and exercising routine for fat loss after they acquire the knowledge and the principles that I share on food manipulation and exercising efficiently. The daily routine will be simple and more importantly will be sustainable in the long term as food manipulation allows the continuation of eating foods that you enjoy.

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