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I'm Helena, and I m from Sweden. When I talk English I sound a bit lie the Swedish Chef, but hopefully you'll find my writing easier to understand.
I've been writing and drawing since I was a kid, and have done most things you can do with a pencil - like accidental piercings for exmple. I actually have a nice stigmata-scar right through my right hand to prove it. Good thing I'm left handed.
I am a teacher by day and a writer by night, and if I get a chance in between I try to illustrate my scribbles. Besides that I enjoy gardening, playing with my daughter and learning new things. At the moment I'm trying to figure out 3D modelling and digital painting.

I'm mostly writing fantasy; at the moment I'm working on a project that I started last year in November during National Novel Writing Month. I'm editing the second draft, and hopefully it'll be done around Christmas. If you want a sneak peak of that, I've posted some snippets on my blog, otherwise there's a prequel coming up shortly ;)

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