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Vaughan Alexander Jones was born in Johannesburg, South Africa on the 10th of November 1953. He was brought up in Pretoria, South Africa, and attended Christian Brothers College for his entire schooling. He then went to Pretoria University and, later in his life, University of South Africa & other colleges, where he qualified as an accountant. Vaughan was brought up staunch Catholic by his parents, but with an emphasis on having, and exercising, his free mind in all things.

For most of his life he has worked in the accounting and IT fields, reaching the level of Group Financial Accountant with a large oil conglomerate in Cape Town, South Africa.
From his school years he has been a keen musician. Vaughan played in the school pipe band and, and with a couple of friends, started a rock group in 1968. For seven years, through school and university, they played gigs together and wrote a couple of songs. His favorite band has always been Pink Floyd. To this day he believes that music and sound waves bring about healing in the body & mind, through various vibrations.

At the age of fifty-four, due to ill health, he has retired and works from home. He has written poetry, songs, articles, business tutorials, and books such as ‘ONE LIFE-LOVE-ENERGY’, and other writings.

Vaughan has a lot of soul, he feels deeply for mankind, nature, the earth, and the universe, about which he feels very strongly that mankind has faltered badly over the past millennia and urgently needs to do something about it.

Vaughan has committed the rest of his life to raising the awareness of wrongs committed against mankind, nature & the universe as a whole, and will make every attempt to remedy the situation together with everyone who feels the same urgency.

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