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In 1997, Ocean Reeve decided to follow a dream. Enrolling in a media development training course, Ocean began the process of educating himself within the radio, television and journalism industries. Initially with the goal to head into radio, it was working behind the camera and at an edit suite where he found his niche. Creatively, it offered the opportunity to write scripts and develop his own independent productions, all be it on a small scale. Over the next two years, Ocean committed to tertiary training in Film & Television and graduated successfully at the top of his class.
Deciding to stay in his home town of New Plymouth in New Zealand, Ocean launched Pied Piper Productions Trust, a non-profit entertainment group dedicated to the production of film and television projects using cast and crew from the local area. The idea was to develop the skill set of the team so they would have the knowledge and confidence to embark on a career in the industry. This was successfully attained with several of the actors associated with Pied Piper Productions Trust heading to the bigger cities to find their ‘fame and fortune’, along with introducing the younger members of the community to the industry and opening up the reality that making successful and quality movies in the digital age is highly feasible and can be achieved. For the next 10 years, Ocean remained an executive of Pied Piper and regularly assisted in the production of various independent projects.
In 2000, following the completion of a horror short film, Ocean was approached by the directors of regional television station, 7 Taranaki Television and asked if he would be prepared to take on the role of Programme Director for the soon to be released channel. An obvious ‘yes’ was the answer and so began an 18 month journey as one of the lead team members in building the station. Along with producing several shows and occasionally hosting a few, Ocean was fortunate enough to meet and interview several of New Zealand’s most well-known television names allowing him to further imporve his journalist skills. From comedian Mike King to hard rock band Shihad, Outrageous Fortune star Robyn Malcom to ventriloquist David Strassman, Ocean was privileged to learn and mingle with the industries high-profile players.
Once established, the station and its programming took a life of its own and in 2001 Ocean moved on to a role in the nightclub scene. Taking a position as Promotions Manager, Ocean turned a developing nightclub and bar into one of most popular hotspots on the West Coast of New Zealand. Regularly booking acts and entertainment four nights a week was enjoyable but took its toll and within a year, Ocean missed the daylight. Taking with him a concept of a television drama series based around a nightclub, which he later developed into a television pilot and successfully produced, Ocean moved away from the clubs and into the print and publishing world.
Taking a role as Digital Production Manager in an educational publishing house, Ocean soon got familiar with the digital print process and led the development of digitally binding small run paperbacks within the company. Over the following two years, Ocean was promoted to a sales position in the traditional publishing arm of the same company. An immensely challenging role, he sold fresh publications direct to bookshops, libraries and other retail outlets along with selling the educational material into schools and educational resource centres. Within a year, Ocean and his colleagues realised the shift in the industry was happening and launched New Zealand’s premiere self-publishing house where Ocean became the lead client manager, guiding authors through the process to print. It was here that he excelled and for 4 years built close to a million dollar annual turnover figure for the company and presented over 50 seminars nationwide on self-publishing. During this time, Ocean continued producing short films through Pied Piper Productions Trust and with three other executives launched Video Clip Wizards, a subsidiary company from InnovateBiz Ltd, where he was responsible for selling and producing online promotional videos for retail businesses.
In 2010, he was awarded a national service award for his service to authors. One year later, realising it was time for a shift Ocean sold his shares in InnovateBiz Ltd and relocated his family to Australia where he took up a similar client management position at a publishing house in Sydney’s CBD. It was there Ocean began introducing key marketing modules to authors to assist them in the independent journey of publishing and marketing self-published books. Following such a comprehensive journey through every aspect of the industry, he could see that the developing area, which would soon become the preferred option for the majority, was self-publishing and with the right guidance and support, authors could achieve their goals no matter how big or small they were. Clearly aware of the negative stigma surrounding self-publishing, Ocean ensured that the process authors followed was in line with the traditional steps so authors could have a book that met the standard of the expected publications in the market.
At the beginning of 2012, Ocean was offered a position at a Queensland based self-publishing firm. Again he relocated and began introducing the full complement of marketing services to accommodate and support the publishing process. As of mid-2013 Ocean was promoted to Manager and continued to introduce new authors to the publishing journey, ensuring the process is followed without issue. He now works as Managing Director of InHouse Publishing, another Australian independent publishing house and it is here that he implements and supports authors through the publishing process, with marketing strategies, developing and distributes eBooks, producing websites and online videos as promotional tools for authors and present seminars on his chosen industry. Ocean has now successfully self-published his own book ‘Self-Publishing Success; The Word’ which has encompassed all he has learned in the publishing industry and sees it as the must have guide for authors wanting to explore this journey. ‘From reading the book, authors will have the knowledge and confidence to step into the self-publishing world. They will have clear goals and targets that are easily achievable and most importantly they will see that publishing is a highly enjoyable process.’
His future involves the continuation of assisting authors, building the audio book channel along with other alternatives for authors to release their work and ensuring there is a bridge created for authors who go from the publishing process into marketing.‘There is no better person to sell any given book than the author. If they have the right tools, mindset and confidence I believe they can build something amazing.’

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Self-Publishing Success; The Word
Self-Publishing Consultant and Supreme Service Award Winner, Ocean Reeve, offers a dedicated and defined process to self-publishing successfully. With over fifteen years in a mix of film and television, nightclub promotion, digital print and production, educational publishing, traditional and self-publishing, Ocean has built up a mass of knowledge, processes and strategies to enable authors to experience a positive and successful journey through the self-publishing world.


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