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I've lived my life imagining stories and dreaming of adventures never told. I grew up during the 70's and 80's and became immersed with the sci-fi genre, unfortunately they all became all too similar and often times predictable. So I had the fool hardy idea that I could tell a story better, that was back in 1979. A few years later I had an inkling of my vision and created a universe. It was detailed and precise. However, my characters lacked soul, they were empty, I failed and never went further.
Much later in my life I reawoke this story, having experienced many changes in my life. The greatest being my wife, with her Asian culture and our growing family I learned much more of the world and how other cultures see heroes. It's not some big rich white guy with a suit of armor, or some down trodden kid finding some mystical power and becoming the hero. No, it was their family and the sacrifices each made for the other. The hero wasn't always the one we saw or noticed. It was often the one we least expected. This new experience allowed me to revisit my book series with a new challenge, to create characters that represent a more diverse culture of heroes. With a fresh vision and new found passion I reinvented my series, but what happened was unlike anything I had ever imagined. My characters were alive within my mind, and I could hear them speaking to me. They had a life of their own, some could joke others could cry. These characters breathed a new direction to my series.
The Ocoda Chronicles grew a new. Book one was tedious, difficult and took a great deal of time rebuilding this idea. The foundation was built in book 1 Paladin. The following books show our universe and what becomes of our characters as they face the challenges before them. I'm a good storyteller and a fair writer. My books spend months and months being proofread and edited and re-edited. They are not perfect. Grammar Nazi's will always find fault, but they are the best I can offer.
My books are also filled with the amazing artwork of Filipino artist Rio Villegas. His art work brought so much life to my books. I hope those that enjoy these books they will appreciate and enjoy this series of books.

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Word of mouth, and i have a big mouth.
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