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I write post about : The new MK808 is touted be the real successor to the wildly successful MK802 Android 7.0 Mini PC. There have been a few iterations to the original MK802.

The very first version of the MK802 came with a AllWinner 1GHz A10 chipset, 4GB storage and 512MB of DDR3 RAM. Shortly after that a similar model but with 1GB RAM was introduced and is sometimes referred to as the MK802 Plus. In early August, the MK802 II was introduced and it had minor change to the plastic housing, a built-in full sized HDMI connector, an additional mini USB port and additional ESD shielding on the HDMI connector.

The original MK802 had a few design flaws that kept it from being a truly great device. The two biggest problems that are often lamented by MK802 owners in the forums are the poor WiFi or WiFi interference problem and the over heating problem. These problems were not really resolved with the minor design changes introduced by the Mk802 II.

Fortunately, it seems that the designers of the MK808 have been paying attention to the complaints as the MK808 has features that addresses these two problems plus other smaller problems. It also adds new features that MK802 users have been asking for.

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