My name is Oinkie on Feb 14th 2006 I came into the life of Shane & Jessica's when during the day Shane was feeling down since the tragic accident that killed his father. He was a nervous wreck in the car whenever they went out,so Shane decided that he wanted a travel companion.

While Shane & Jessica were suppose to be watching the dog they decided to take a trip into a near by mall. While there they searched the mall from top to bottom for something to put a smile on Shane's face, the first stop was the Toys R' Us, in which Shane seen me on the shelf. He picked me up looked at me and even hugged me, he then put me down and ventured through the rest of the mall.

When Shane & Jessica returned back to Toys R' Us they had nothing but a frown upon Shanes face, and I was still sitting on the shelf looking depressed as well, Shane walked over picked me up yet again and hugged me.He then carried me with a smile upon his face to the counter in which he paid for me. At that time I was placed into a big bag... I was actually placed upside down so my foot was hanging out of the bag, which made for a very interesting walk for Shane & Jessica as they had to walk to the other end of the mall with me like that,they later told me they got plenty of strange looks.

When we got to the car I was taken out of the bag, placed in the backseat for a short time before being brought forward and sat on Shane's lap in which he released me by cutting my tag off, from that moment on I knew that I was set free into a wonderful family. The name Oinkie was later given to me as it was apparently discussed before my purchase and it put a smile on Shane's face as well as tears in his eyes.

Since being purchased I've been on many adventures including one shortly after I was brought into Shane's life, so be sure to check out my blog to find out all about my adventures.

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