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I'm just a 35 year old kid with an imagination. What's possible in this world? Who am I to tell anyone that something is impossible? Modern day technology was incomprehensible fifty years ago. I don't think we will ever get to the point where we know everything.
I cannot tell you what's real or true. I can only share with you what I see. I can't tell the difference between this reality & my perspective of it. But I can show you what I see. I see the concept of "electro-momentum". I see the chaos theory in application via electro-momentum. I see the concepts of how our electricity is causing the drought. Through what I see; I implement counter measures.
An individual called me 'crazy'. My response was: "In order to be on the leading edge; you've got to be 'out there'. Am I blazing a new trail in history? So far; the only thing in this world I've seen that reveals all truths; is time. Time will tell. Can something withstand the test of time? We may not live long enough to find out. But we will live long enough to guide future generations. All anybody can do is their best.
Here's what I see: A concept that merits investigation. The Science Of Rain.
Dowin Gardner

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Here's how to remove the Free-Floating Electrons (electromagnetic pollution) so there's room in the air for moisture. Electrons push moisture away from the cities. Remove the electrons; & we make room for moisture.


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